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I love people sometimes.

I realized on Monday that i’m gonna miss some of my work people over the summer. Not just Stacey and Bill. Most everyone i work with is nice and personable and enjoyable to be around. Both Nancy and Linda thought i was a senior. But i am going home to my library people, whom i also love. It is good to love the people one works with.

English Department Picnic! My tribe, yo. (Boo to Doug not showing.)

I chatted with Amy-who’s-going-on-the-Oxford-program. Having a familiar face over there will be nice. Once school is done i should get in touch with chrisvenus again and talk to offbalance about her England friend(s).

Michael has ducklings. That’s what Allie dubbed the three blondes who bond to his hip and follow him around, and it is so accurate. Floyd’s daughter continues to be lovely and adorable.

Allie and i were chatting and i said something about how i was impressed that i wasn’t actually bitter and all “No one’s allowed to whine about relationship problems to me ‘cause i’m not even dating anyone.” Michael happened to come by at that point to get some food (it’s all about hanging out right next to the food, yo) and he said something like, “I wish I could say that,” and Allie told him “I think Elizabeth was traumatized when” and i thought she was actually going to say.... but she didn’t... she said when he talked about disliking his children, or whatever it was that he said, and i hit her and had to explain, which i totally wasn’t prepared to do, that it just bothers me when people talk about hating their children, especially when as i said to him it’s obvious that he does love his children, and i really wasn’t all that articulate, and he said it’s a venting mechanism, which is an explanation i can totally get behind. I wonder if, if she hadn’t said anything, if there had just been silence, i would have actually said something like, “You and the mother of your children don’t get along so well?” because really, i am shameless/tactless as well as a nosy bitch.

I feel like i posted about my issue after Michael first said stuff in class and Allie and i discussed, about consistency and idle threats and stuff. One of these days i swear i’m gonna index all my LJ entries in the memories.

sharpest_rose posted something which vaguely relates to my issue, saying:
If there's one thing that rubs me the wrong way completely, it's when parents don't like their kids. In my opinion, you bring a child into this world, you're signing a contract that says you're going to treat them properly and be nice to them. I'm not talking about full-on abuse here, either, because obviously that's wrong and bad and awful. I'm just talking about teenage girls whose fathers tell them they're fat and lazy and stupid, and little boys unlucky enough to have disabilities whose brothers, mother, and grandmother use them as a scapegoat for everything wrong that happens.

Yeah, some kids can be tough to raise. Deal with it. The second you signed on for this parent gig you gave up the right to put yourself first. No child should ever be put down, blamed, or attacked by their mother or father
After Jessica told a lame joke about Freud she said, by way of excuse, “My mother is a therapist.” “My parents were emigrés from Krypton and i don’t get any slack,” Michael responded. Then he said something else, to which Allie responded, “Well thank you, Mister Kent.”
Michael: That’s Professor Kent to you [which is amusing additionally for the fact that Michael always tells us not to refer to him with the title “Professor”]. Don’t make me take off my shirt.”

Um, excuse us while we all die, like right now. And no, i do not actually want to see that man in any state of undress. Jessica pointed out that the boundaries between admiration and crush and various other states are very permeable. This is true, but for me it’s much more basic: i am a disturbed child and put most everyone i know in imaginary sexual contexts. When i say i slash everyone? I’m not kidding.

While he and Rick were grilling they were talking to us about getting a Ph.D. and joking that when you get a Ph.D. in English they give you a tweed jacket and grey hair. And, um, there’s an icon of Giles with the text “That tweed would look better on my floor.” Yeah.

After two days of studying, what do you want to say to your professor? Besides the obvious answers such as There are people who have been studying for 2 days? and So, you want it in small unmarked bills, right? and What about "this has been interesting and I've learned a lot." Hopefully people have at least something that has them working because they're truly invested in it... i particularly enjoyed "Look, the final paper is scintillatingly frustrating. I realize it is obviously a ploy for you to push me to that thin line between anger and passion. So, let's forget the grades and make out."

And lilithchilde might visit me this summer! And we can do Boston and stuff. Whee!
And marginaliana is going to grad school at Simmons, so perhaps we can finagle the visiting thing.
MASSACHUSETTS where the weather sucks but the people are worth your time
Speaking of which... suspectplaces and lilithchilde... dinner plans? I have developed way more commitments for this week than i had thought i would have. How does Thursday at 7 sound? Friday evening would be fine, too, but i know Allie usually has a prior engagement.

Also, i went through 3 pairs of pants this weekend ‘cause they all had holes in them, so on Monday i pulled out a pair of blue jeans that i haven’t worn in ages but i don’t know why i hadn’t worn them in so long because i love them -- loose blue jeans, strong material, oh so comfy.

Standing in the observation area, facing the gaping pit below, Schroeder and Hanson felt compelled to look heavenward. "Maybe that's man's condition," Hanson said. "We are meant to look up."
-from here

Joe’s away message at 11:30 last night prompted me to call him. I hadn’t talked to him in quite a while, and, ya know, friends are good.

He reconciled with Ashley a while back and now Elena’s having drama with him. I am a bad person. I know little of them except from the stories Joe tells of when they are together, and they strike me as immature and annoying, and i don’t like the Joe that happens around them. So yes, it gives me sick vindication to have my “You aren’t cool enough to be friends with my boy” proved right.

He said that next year he’s gonna have a full-time job on top of taking classes, is gonna be living in an apartment with his own car... he’s gonna be in the real world. He said that Elena&Ashley are the fake world, and that that’s fine for when he’s home on break, but that sometimes they don’t seem to get that he needs to live in the real world, too, and they don’t always get that. “Fake world.” I can handle that explanation, especially because i kept saying i wanted to pretend Elena&Ashley-Joe didn’t exist, and now i can essentially say he doesn’t.

He and Julie took a plywood well, wrote “Loneliness” on it and placed in front of the English building. That is the kind of on-crack-ness i can get behind, because it’s goofiness with a sophistication underlying it. And he mentioned that it was under a weeping willow, which of course made me think of the “dead evil lesbian cliche” furor after Tara’s death (which prompted me to actually read The Celluloid Closet).

We want to improve the health education curriculum, and do other stuff to make our shared former high school less painfully straight. He got a packet from GLSEN. I am really glad that he’s serious about this, because as some readers know, i have wanted to do gay activism stuff at my old high school since i was a senior there but it never really happened. It feels really good to actually do something “real.” And i like to think that i’m passionate enough about this that i’ll persevere through all the fighting we’ll have to do. (And of course hopefully we’ll have help.)

Joe’s taking a class on transgender. I want one at Smith. (I also want his syllabus for that class and for his GLBT lit. class. And one of these days i have to actually see Tootsie.) As Britta points out, some sort of orientation thing about understanding the issue(s) would be really good.

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