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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

My brother is so the tech boy ;)

I set up my computer almost all by myself because i am stubborn an independent, mature, and self-reliant woman and then my brother got me hooked up to our DSL. Being on my own computer, with all my files and bookmarked websites and the Internet all in one place again... blessed be. Also, now i am in my room which = farther away from the television. Oh, and being online constantly. I love this. :) (Though of course what with everyone being kicked out of college housing already or soon this is less exciting. And hopefully i'll be, ya know, frequently employed. I called Michele 'cause she sent me an e-mail wondering if i was home yet -- when i go visit tomorrow i have to check 'cause i swear i told her when i would be home so she could write it down and know.)

Also, nothing like the end of an era to prompt a flurry of media attention. I'm not gonna bother linking to anything except this 'cause, ya know, brilliant. Also, Angel has officially been renewed.

Oh, and can't forget the daily Neil Gaiman love:
There is something about enthusiastic human stupidity that fascinates me. It looks like every credit card company responsible for every credit card in my wallet immediately went "He's trying to buy a TV in Poland? This is an odd and anomalous thing to do. We will deny it and put a block on the card," ...except, of course, for the credit card department of my local bank. My local bank went, "He's using his bank card as a credit card for the very first time, and buying thousands of dollars of electrical goods in Warsaw? Well, it's about time he started using that card." I heard that they seemed rather disappointed to learn that it wasn't actually me buying computers and TVs all over Warsaw (I suppose they thought it was just the kind of unusual thing that I might be counted on to do), and tomorrow my wife has to go in to the bank and fill out forms promising it wasn't me buying all those TVs.
And for extra fun, post-Mother's Day Lileks.

Okay, edit the third: #5 especially, and read the comments as well


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