Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"End of Days" (7.21)

"Darn." I just loved that line of Caleb's.

The first time i have liked Kennedy is when she was all about finding Faith. One of my big complaints has been that she's a Faith-wanna-be and that she's bossy and wants to be in charge, but she was all about finding Faith and getting her out of there, and i just... that's the first time i liked her.

Could Buffy hear the First talking to Caleb? Usually that doesn't happen.

Willow, hello, do we remember "Orpheus"? You did big magic over on Angel and i thought that was gonna transfer over to here.

Lots of great lines i can't recall. (Oh, one was "holy hand grenade." Monty Python much?)

Aw, the Anya/Andrew interaction was sweet. I'm not sure how believeable the wheelchair gag was for Anya, but i had this sick fear of them fucking, so i was glad that didn't happen.

Still not sure how i feel about the weird awkwardness that was Buffy/Spike.

And, um, Buffy? Yeah Xander is one of your sources of strength and all, but just because you're giving him a crap job doesn't mean you have to make it sound like he was your one and only.

Miss Kitty Fantastico! A gift of closure for obsessed fans.

Since when do they leave tasers lying around in the car? And are we ever gonna find out what "Joyce" meant be "She won't choose you?"

Angel's appearance was, not ironic but that's the best word i can come up with, since all through the fight i was having flashes of "Becoming Part 2."

He looked really like a regular 40-year old man. That was bizarre.

OMG. Why did the one thing Allie so feared and that i was so sure wouldn't happen have to happen? 5 years ago you sent him to Hell. 4 years ago he left you. 2 years ago he came back and held you (whoa, major deja vu with Spike in "Touched") after your mother died. A year and a half ago or so you had a meeting thing 'cause you came back from the dead. I'll buy the bloody soulmate connection thing, but please don't be kissing. Not only do i not think that physical comfort is exactly what you want, but i'd really like to see you be boyfriendfigure-less for a while.

And ooh, it wasn't Spike's time yet and then he got de-triggered, but he may be a player for the other side yet. And ye gods, how painful that kiss must be coming so soon after her "the strength i got from you" spiel. Oh, and has she "told him" yet? Was the "I believe in you" the it, or are we still waiting for more?

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