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Buffy and other miscellany

Have we all been following DorkTower? ‘cause snort-sob.

trijinx, he was drowning in footwear. [Overanalysts call this a Shanshu reference/pun. Someone not on my friends page had a really good post about how the Shanshu was totally Spike’s and not Angel’s; thanks to oyceter for reminding me that it was hecatehatesthat here. oyceter makes a neat analogy to Guy Gavriel Kay's Fionavar Tapestry, btw.]

Can we please dump the Chicago Tribune in a river somewhere for their abominable choice in Buffy one-liners? And “Storyteller” makes a top 5 over any Season 2 episode? WHAT?!

My dad suspects the author exaggerates, but this article is interesting nonetheless.

The Fashionable Dictionary - amusing though depressingly familar

Um, does Anne Lamott want me to hate her? Because the first page accomplishes that (also makes me lose lots of respect for her) and the second page is an incredibly overextended metaphor which i didn’t really like even when it was just a metaphor on the first page.

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