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"I wake up and get paid, or I don't wake up."

That was my brother's friend Brian, on being out of school and employed.

Wouldn't it be cool to get paid for waking up? I wonder if you'd get overtime for waking up from naps.

First day back at work doing actual work today. Praise be. All i have been doing is sitting in my room reading, and even i can only do that for so long before my head feels like it’s going to explode. I have learned that even i need real people interaction.

I had forgotten how painfully slow work at the library can be, especially times like Saturday mornings. The new computers have Windows, though... which means i can go online on the computers up front. Whee!

I don’t get official training on the new system for another couple weeks, but i poked around on the new system and it looks fairly intuitive and easy. And there are lots of features i like, and only a few things i dislike. So of course i’ll master it quickly and then leave for England, leaving Michele with all the stuck-in-their-ways people. Sigh.

This was the first year in approximately a decade that we [my family] didn’t go to the all-school Pops concert [because for once neither i nor my brother were in it].

I was going to go to graduation tomorrow, but i hear it’s going to rain (which means indoor graduation which means you need a ticket to get in and of course i don’t have one). We can watch the live feed on local cable at my grandmother’s, though. The people who will be graduating next year i think of as freshmen because that’s what they were when i left the high school. And then there’s my brother’s class, whom i haven’t been in classes in the same building as since elementary school. I’m not going to NHS graduations after my brother’s.

Nothing like going back to my elementary school to make me feel real big. My kindergarten teacher (who doesn’t appear to have aged a day, btw) casually greeted me by name. This never ceases to amaze me.

My second grade teacher is retiring, and i think i recognized her, but she definitely didn’t recognize me, so i just kept walking.

The big blue whale painted on one of the blacktops is still there, ever so faded. The playgrounds have changed, and of course the staff changes, but that big blue whale is still there, and that makes me happy.

I went back to the high school. Even the halls of Seelye are never that crowded--and as Mr. Peterson pointed out, it was worse before the seniors left.

My brother, who is approximately my size, can now lift me up. This is a new development.

My mother's father is still alive.

“I’m dying as fast as I can.” -Phyllis, to get rid of people who were fussing about her will or something while she was dying of cancer

Verizon was being evil ("Connection Failed: Error:629 The port was disconnected by the remote computer.") but we uninstalled and reinstalled and i have the Internet back. Why yes this does make my day thank you very much.

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