Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

This is what happens when i try to be social.

I was thinking of going to NYC the weekend of June 21, but coming on Thursday or Friday to make a long weekend of it. The two people i haven't met (and who are thus a major reason to go all the way to NYC) will be away until June 22. I would stay until Monday or Tuesday, but i need to be back at the library for training those days. At least, i think i do. Michele is torn between wanting me back for those days and not wanting to cut into my vacation.

Edit: Michele says i'll pick up this stuff (the new system) easily so i shouldn't worry about missing those training days (and it's not like those are the only days i'll have to learn the new system before i have to actually use it with the public) and i shouldn't let it keep me from my friends. So arriving in NYC Thursday and leaving Tuesday? How long do you all wanna put up with me? Be honest.

Edit the second: I think we have already established that i am a big fan of having a Plan. So if anyone (particularly those i'm visiting) has suggestions for stuff i should do while in NYC, feel free to suggest. (I wanna go back to the Met to see William -- hmm, and this looks interesting -- and maybe go to the MoMA, but other than that i'm open to suggestions.) Might be nice to meet some of y'all's mythical friends but i'll settle for just hanging out with offbalance and quasisonic and oatmilk and antheia (though even just hanging out, plans = good).

tranceballerina and lilithchilde both see June 28/29 as the best weekend to come visit me. How do you two feel about visiting the same weekend?

I wanted to visit laynamarya, but i'm not sure i'm going to be able to.

And Joe and Jonah, who may or may not be reading this, should call me so we can make plans.

And because everyone keeps asking me:
I leave for England on July 5 and return August 15.
August 24 i go back to Smith.
[Thoughts, comments, suggestions, signs from God, etc. about any of the above are welcome.]

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