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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical


Most recent cute story about my mom’s boss’s daughter (also known as Alison-the-Wonder-Baby):
Al (my mom's boss) said something that included the word “spontaneously” and then turned to his not-yet-three-years-old daughter and said, “Can you say ‘spontaneously,’ Alison?”
“Yes, Daddy, when I’m bigger.”

tranceballerina is a woman with a plan. This pleases me. Having a Plan (tm) is underrated.

June 19 think good Boston weather thoughts, ‘cause Jonah and i plan to spend the day there.

And Joe finally IMed me, last night. ("I'll be in touch soon - I promise!" - May 29) He promises to call soon, and if i haven’t heard from him by Saturday i can accost him at the store.

I finally started my Oxford reading. I will not be going to Paris though i can stay at a hostel for $16/night because the Chunnel is $79 each way. I am considering an excursion to Scotland, though, and maybe Stonehenge. NYC is coming together. Must remember to do Smith’s financial aid and various other loose-end-y things.

I could get in to Port Authority at 3:30 on Monday the 23 and get the 10am out of Port Authority on Thursday. This sound good? And i’m assuming antheia’s offer of a floor to sleep on is still open. I just need explicit directions from Port Authority to where you live (e-mail me at your leisure).

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