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Can't keep a good day down.

I was at CVS and met this guy Al, who’s decent looking but also about 30-looking, who asked me if i had e-mail. “Yeah,” i said warily, knowing where this was going. “Can I e-mail you sometime?” “No, i don’t think so.” And he was very nice, said okay, and let me go my merry way. It please me when things go like that. Then i may have been catcalled by a couple high school boys on my way out of the parking lot; i wasn’t really paying attention.

And i came home to a slew of e-mail, including this from Kate:
I know my girlfriend's nutty. You know my girlfriend's nutty. Hell, even my girlfriend knows that my girlfriend's nutty. Still, I promised her that I would ask:

Del wanted to know if you've ever been in a Big Gay Musical, because she had a dream that she was reading a magazine, and in the secret section of the magazine, in a box captioned by Kermit the Frog, there was an Amber Benson quote saying that you, Elizabeth, had been in a Big Gay Musical.

Yeah. So, have you?
Sadly, i have never been in a Big Gay Musical.

Also this:
Nevada brothel offers free sex to returning troops: "We want to feel patriotic and feel we are doing something for our servicemen. If we owned a Dairy Queen we would be giving away free ice cream, but ... we own the sex capital of the world. What better way is there to give back?" -proprietor Dennis Hof

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