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1) I did the dishes tonight. I had used the last cup when i had “dinner” and we were running low on bowls and the whole sink area was looking over-full. The dish drainer looks like it’s been accumulating dust, so it should really be cleaned. The dinginess of the kitchen floor is starting to bother me.

I have so much crap and no motivation to go through it all except the fact that there’s too much of it and it’s pissing me off. I have to get my top bunk cleared off by the time tranceballerina arrives so she has somewhere real to sleep, and it would be nice if she had somewhere in my room to put her stuff. I have more clothes than i ever wear and need to mend some of the clothes i do like to wear. I need new shoes, and a haircut, too.

I ache to live in my own place, where i do the cleaning and the grocery shopping and the cooking and the dishes. Of course, i don’t like doing any of this here or at school, so it’s probably only in my head that being entirely on my own will motivate me to be any more of a responsible grownup than i already am.

2) Lileks has been pissing me off these past few days. Self-indulgent, pointless, whiny, just rubs me the wrong way. I’m used to getting thoughtful commentary from those things i call blogs, but Lileks is turning into a LiveJournal gone bad.

3) Jonah and i were discussing the inevitable Daniel Reen Memorial Scholarship, Post-Prom Party, and Ms. Pelaggi. Need i say more? Okay, since only 2 people reading this have been students at NHS i suppose i really should say more.

The eye-rolling over the inevitable glorification of anyone who dies young needs young i assume needs no explanation.

Ms. Pelaggi. She heads SADD and Spirit Club and Post Prom Party Committee. Most every NHS student has stories about why they dislike her, but i’ll stick to Post Prom here. A friend of mine basically got signed up for Post Prom Party Committee, which is in and of itself uncool. Post Prom Party is an alternative to the going-out-and-drinking-after-prom party option. There’s a DJ and food and a raffle and stuff. It’s only 10 bucks, and the senior class votes on a theme. So, we’re seeing how there’s potential for it to not be The Suck, right? Well, the theme is always lame and if you leave early (it goes until 5am i think) they call your parents and it’s generally The Suck.

selections from our conversation:

him: I'm really fed up with the whole post prom party idea. Ugh. This year was really lame and apparently next year the theme is going to be Mardi Gras, which all the guys apparently voted for because "the girls are gonna take off their shirts".
I don't see the big fuss over the idea anyway. We spend the whole year planning it and it just ends up being this huge mess and people not sticking to the schedule of the events of the night at all. So within 2 hours it ends up being just some big group of people who are whining about how much they don't want to be there.
me: (Honestly, the whole idea of Post Prom itself sucks.)
him: I so agree. In all of our meetings all we do is argue about really stupid obscure details of the event, like whether to give out lampards (the things you wear around your neck with some kind of logo on it) or gingerbread-cookie shaped keychains.
And go around the town begging for money from every single store. Ms. Pelaggi makes sure she dosen't miss any at all, and then badmouths the companies who refuse to give the post prom committee money profusely.

I could also whinge about the high school literary magazine, but that can wait until i actually have my hands on a copy.

I really wanna talk to Joe about doing queer-friendly stuff at NHS. Sometimes i think my life would be easier if i could just cut this place out of my life, not care anymore, not have any connections, but i do care, i am still attached, and i have this sick desire to help make things better for future generations.

In other news, i’m so tempted to get a new e-mail address and sign up for all those scary conservative Christian alert lists. Because their purpose is inciting people to activism, they’re really handy -- i just congratulate the people/companies they deplore and protest the people/companies they applaud.

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