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Comment #14 on this article gives me hope for the future. (I'm so damn sick of everyone invoking the First Amendment every time someone criticizes them.)
Mr. Martorano had every right to express his views, and we who criticize have every right to do so. Having the right to free speech doesn't mean you have the right to be free from reprisal or criticism. The first amendment protects you from oppression by the government, not from criticism from an individual or private group. Many people on the left and right have no idea what freedom of speech is, and it is irritating. All I am required to do is tolerate his right to express his bigoted views, but I have the right to criticize and condemn those views after he has expressed them. Free speech is a two-way street. The first amendment was designed to keep the hands of the government out of this exchange. Everyone has a duty to read opinions and form their own. No one should simply ignore views that may upset them. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't be upset and outraged by them. I'll keep reading stupid views from all sides, and I'll keep getting outraged by the particularly stupid ones. That, Pat, is my right and duty as an American.
I was talking to sexonastick at the same time and quoted comment #18:

hermionesviolin: " There were at least two people who commented, saying something about "the gay agenda". I don't know about any of you guys, but I never got together with anyone and thought of an "agenda". Maybe they didn't send me a memo because I'm only bi, I dunno "

sexonastick: No, I'm sure that was just a mistake. Because, you know, if you're bi, you get the waffle iron. ;-)
hermionesviolin: =-O A waffle iron! The only reason it's okay that i haven't gotten one is that i don't like waffles. Otherwise i would have to take this matter up with... um, well, somebody.
sexonastick: Yes, a waffle iron. And a toaster if you're all the way gay. (And, uh, little cookie cutters if people just THINK you're gay.)
sexonastick: A toaster, because who doesn't like toast?
hermionesviolin: I don't actually. Someone told me you get a toaster for turning someone gay, but obviously they were lying to me to keep from claiming what was rightfully mine. (Damn, no one ever thinks i'm gay unless i tell them. I want cookie cutters. *pouts*)

I love Britta on the unfairness of the Biblical curse. "And where are the snakes for me to crush beneath my heel?" (I hope you feel better soon, dear.)

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