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Okay, so i get online tonight and there’s a new buffy_icons post, and the first icon is a Buffy/Scott one. I thought that was a neat coincidence after my earlier post querying about Buffy/Scott fic. (All the icons postcardjunkie made are really good, by the way. Check them out.)

Speaking of icons, i’m still getting used to seeing a grey Ani instead of my brownish Tara icon.

Saw “Who Are You?” tonight. Aw, early Willow and Tara with the sweet subtext. I love that Tara progressed to such a stronger character, but i wish they’d done more with her power and intuitiveness and stuff. It was really interesting watching Faith in Buffy’s body, esp. the part with Riley. She was so scared by his honest love. I liked how she started to get into being the good Slayer. Okay, i should stop now and go to bed.
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