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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

trust and honesty

There’s the kind of trust where you trust someone to keep your private things private. I admit to being bad at that. I’m honest to a fault, overshare, and have little concept of boundaries. I am trying to be better about understanding and respecting when people don’t want me to tell other people (like my parents) stuff about their lives. I think this is partly because when i was in high school my best friend would tell me things beginning with “Don’t tell anyone,” and she was the sixth person who had learned this thing and every time it got told it began with “Don’t tell anyone.” I knew lots of gossipy things that were none of my business, and i often told my parents these things. It was understood among our friends that “Don’t tell anyone” really meant “Don’t tell anyone who would be hurt by this information or who would use it to hurt people.”

There’s the kind of trust where you trust people to tell you the truth. I think this is a more important kind of trust. I have been raised to be “brutally honest.” I actually have real trouble criticizing people i care about, even just their writing, but i’m working on that. I’m generally good at honesty when it’s important, though. And it’s so important to be honest about the important things. As my mom said, if you know that someone has deceived you (lied, kept information from you, whatever) about something important, it makes everything else they’ve said to you suspect. You wonder what The Truth is. You wonder if you can trust them.
The structure was not safe at all. The wood (the part going in the ground) was rotten and it was beginning to lean on one side. One good thing about it is that the hut was supposed to be in place only for one year (we had it for 2). I think that it was great to have the hut but I would never want the college to spend nearly $30,000+ to have something of that sort build again.... that is to much for something that cannot be permanent.
-“frenchgirl,” on the twig castle
Let me reiterate that my grandfather lived in Alaska, and neither my brother nor i knew him much at all. I absolutely appreciate everyone’s expressions of support, and prayers for my mother are much with the good, but i don’t want anyone to have the misimpression that i am personally upset.

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