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I have little of substance to say at this moment.

First of all, I shall marvel at the appropriateness of us meeting up on a Tuesday. :)

OMG, i totally hadn’t realized that until you mentioned it. *joins in marveling*
For the non-commercial significance of Buffy DVDs, see Emily Nussbaum piece from Sunday's NYT: "Using such tools, viewers can delve into 'Buffy' the way we dig into a novel like 'Great Expectations' (which was also originally distributed in installments)--without the cliffhangers, the larger themes rise to the surface." I did my first serious Buffy DVD watching while researching my forthcoming Reason piece on the show, and Nussbaum is absolutely right (though I far prefer Buffy to Dickens, especially Great Expectations).
-Virginia Postrel

[take the test] - [by krystaljungle.com]

[That should say, "Fear the wrath of the ultimate grammar whore, for I am truly a god of language!" no?]

One learns something new every day.

My mom is on the <http://www.americandecency.org>American Decency Association</a> mailing list (and wow are they creepy) and forwarded me a mailing from them about the male couple CBS’s Amazing Race 4 called “married.” Using the information they handily provided i left a comment on the CBS feedback form and CCed a letter to 14 companies.
I hear that some conservative groups are upset that you have advertised on CBS’s Amazing Race 4 which touts a male couple as “married.” A suggested letter to advertisers includes the following:
Your sponsorship of “AMAZING RACE 4?” goes against time-honored standards of decency. Do you endorse SAME SEX MARRIAGES? If this is the type of programming you sponsor, the answer would appear to be “yes”.
If your answer truly is YES then I applaud you. I am saddened that CBS’s portrayal of the homosexual couple as “married” is false because same-sex marriages are not legally recognized in this country, but I am very pleased that CBS has recognized that many same-sex couples are just as committed as male-female couples. I hope that the outcry from conservative groups will not cause you to back down from recognizing basic human rights.
I received a letter from Dr. Peper/Seven Up, Inc. today.
Thank you for contacting us about our Corporate television advertising placement. Consumer comments and inquiries are appreciated because they give us valuable input regarding our brands and advertising campaigns.

While we buy airtime to promote our soft drinks, we do not share all the views portrayed in the programming where our commercials appear. Because we do not control the content of broadcast programming, we suggest you contact either the network or the Federal Communications Commission (www.fcc.gov) to voice your concern. We are sensitive to the views of all consumers and will forward your concerns to our marketing department and advertising agencies.

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