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Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad

I went to my grandma’s house at 10am to help her make a trifle for tonight’s dessert. (We were ordering Chinese for dinner because my grandma really wasn’t up for cooking a big dinner.)

Afterward she talked a lot and twice commented on the fact that i looked sleepy. (I was practically dozing off in front of her.) Both times i said yes i was and she responded by offering to let me lay down on her bed. Both times i said no, that was fine, i would take a nap when i got home. This should have been a warning to me that i would not in fact return to my home.

We went for a short walk, which was nice.

We played four rounds of Upwords (i enjoy that game) and i finally won on the fourth round.

I learned that the Third Edition Scrabble Dictionary allows such words as un and sox. Who knew? I want to incorporate some of the random words i learned while looking things up in the Scrabble dictionary into everyday conversation. We were getting really punchy near the ends of some of the rounds when we could barely play any letters, saying letter combinations we could play and i making up definitions for them.

We had lunch. I had a peanut butter sandwich. She had mashed potatoes in the fridge, but instead of just microwaving them she made them into patties and fried them. I obviously wasn’t eating enough, even though i’d said repeatedly that i wasn’t that hungry, so we also had pears. Dessert was pistachio chocodamia somethingorother ice cream. She told me to give myself more than i had scooped for myself. Are we sure my grandmother’s not Jewish? ;) I learned today that she’s a registered Republican, though she votes for whoever she wants. I learn something new every day.

She washed the dishes and i dried them and put them away, took out her trash, and watered her plants.

We played a fifth round of Upwords (which i lost), and then my dad came to pick us up. (He had called around 4:15 and offered to rescue me, but it actually wasn’t a painful day, so i said i would just stay.)

I am a good kid.

In other news,

Part of the letter i got from Pinnacle Foods Corporation today:
We advertise on a variety of television shows in an attempt to reach our target audiences with our advertising messages. Unfortunately, we are not able to review all the television shows or subject matter presented in each television show. Occasionally we inadvertently air ads on a television show, or particular episode, that we would prefer not to advertise. Thank you for your comments. We will pas them along to our media-buying department.
Having read so many issues of Rich Mackin’s Book of Letters i shouldn’t be surprised, but of course i am.

My thought process upon reading this:

1) So what you’re saying is that you don’t support CBS’s actions?
2) Did you even read my letter?
3) Is this a form letter you send to everyone who writes in about any aspect of your advertising?
4) Is the letter phrased this way because many people have written complaining about shows you have advertised in?
5) Again i ask if you actually read my bloody letter.
6) I think i expect too much from, well, everyone.

from the You Know You're Too Obsessed With Homosexuality When.. list:
40.) You see homosexuality in Disney movies.

41.) You know where to find slash fan fiction for the Disney movies.

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