Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Got my hair cut today.

Is just below my ears. I like it that length. Maybe a smidge longer, but it’ll grow soon enough.

Have changed my joy icon yet again. Is made by kibarika.

Also, am directing any interested parties to Princess Bride icons by jacklemmon and isis_grey.

In my e-box today:
Hi Elizabeth - your blue form arrived in this morning's mail, and I'm processing it now. Hopefully, the controller's office will be able to include it with this week's check run - I'll grovel for you. That means it will be mailed out on Friday, and you should get it Monday or Tuesday of next week.
Best wishes
I think flowers might be a bit much, but when this is all over Susan Zachary is getting at least a card. A gushy card. Maybe with chocolates.

And from my Black Writers of Britain professor:
I understand we have just one seminar and one tutorial a week so I think the earlier outline I sent you [which listed 8 books] was a little ambitious in terms of the time scale.

Instead I suggest we concentrate on four texts examining one per week
Stopped by the library. Someone had just donated a bunch of books, and Fran handed me a guide to London pubs. Once home i saw it was about 20 years old, but i appreciate the thought. This reminds me that i should get in touch with chrisvenus as well as introduce myself to ladymoonray and dolores.

In other news, my boys make me so incredibly happy when they aren’t driving me crazy in that bad way.

My epiphany of the day: I don’t appreciate being taken for granted.

(And just in case you are being paranoid, that last statement is in no way, shape or form about you.)

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