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Am spending all together too many hours searching for screencaps.

saava has been fabulous in helping me out, i just want to say.

Anyway, if anyone could point me to screencaps for the following i would be extremely grateful.

  • Buffy's bag of stakes. [Edited to add that sexonastick is also fabulous and she just watched "Prophecy Girl" and says "As it turns out: no bag of stakes. But I KNOW they show the weapons trunk in the first two episodes.. if that helps at all." I can't find a pic, but i think i found an image that will work. Though if anyone sees an image of Buffy's bag of weapons, lemme know.]
  • Buffy going to face the Master in "Prophecy Girl."
  • Buffy writing. Like taking a test in the early seasons or something.

Thanks muchly.
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