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"i'm a survivor, i'm gonna make it..."

So, last night as i was finishing up in the computer lab, faux-Richard came in. I think that's what prompted the dream i had before waking up, particuarly because it started with me in the computer lab holding the same notebooks i had last night.

In my dream he put his hand on my shoulder or something, something neutral as an action in and of itself, but i had decided (as i had in waking life) that if he laid a hand on me i was reporting him. I told him in a firm deliberate voice to not touch me and to leave me alone. I ran away but for some reason stopped in a computer lab midway to the Porter's Lodge (yes, in this dream there was the main NHS computer lab on the grounds of Trinity), put down my notebooks, and started LJ-ing about it. I had written few sentences when i heard his voice coming after me, so i ran, leaving my notebooks and almost instantly regretting it because he could then go through them and that would be creepy and wrong. He followed me directly to the Porter's Lodge, though, where i was yelling to the Porter that this man wouldn't leave me alone and had put his hands on me and was chasing me. The Porter held up an orange garden hose threatening to strangle him to hold him off while they evacuated the college.

There was a nice dream mixed in here somehow involving me being back on West Street (a revised version of West Street) and being able to levitate (which i had the deja vu feeling i'd done in dreams before) and Alaina was there. There was also a dream in which i was at a dance -- Tom (who was definitely Ken/Adam, slash Dan Saltzberg as well but that's a mere accident of physiognomy though it makes for a certain irony) had taken me to the dance, but he was dancing with some other girl so John (who was so Josh) took me out. This morphed into going through motels (doors to all rooms were unlocked for some reason) with some girl from Trinity (a composite of my brain) looking for a gift for my boy (i wanted a ring) and she was explaining to me that Tom really did really like me but... and there was some explanation about him being afraid of admitting his feelings or something explaining the girl he was dancing with that i forget.

The next part i remember is being in an airport. John and Tom were totally protecting me. We ran up and down stairs/escalators and yelled for airport security. This part gets repetitive and fuzzy, and i woke up before he actually got arrested, though for closure my brain started manufacturing an image of him being handcuffed by police in the airport after i'd woken up.
Tags: dreams, oxford summer seminar 2003, random male person encounters: oxford

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