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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Yay people, and travel, and stuff.

Ken and i were discussing work and weekend travel, and i mentioned that i'll probably be doing most travel on my own as i usually do, but that Mandy and i would be going to East Sussex at some point. He mentioned the Seven Sisters which may well be worth seeing since they're so close. (gratuitous linking)

Hearing me complain about how far it is to Stonehenge, Rachel mentioned that you can do things in nearby Bath. Must look into that.

It also occurred to me that i could perhaps go to Canterbury Cathedral this Friday, see a play that night, and then come straight home since the buses run late, sleep in because it's Saturday, and then do work all weekend, maybe taking a break on Saturday to visit the Ashmolean Museum. That plan has potential.

Not that i'm trying to max out my time here or anything ;)

My roommate last night was having a mini-panic attack because she realized she had been spending way more money than she should (and it is really easy to do that, because we read the prices and think they're reasonable, forgetting that they're in pounds and not USD and thus about 1.6 times as expensive as we think) on food and going out to pubs and stuff. See, this is why i haven't been eating/drinking out much (besides the fact that i'm socially awkward and generally cheap and not into alcohol and all that ;) ) ... because i want to be able to travel and go to plays and do things i can't do at home.

P.S. Adam's cross-country (Andover 1995) t-shirt makes me happy. It's light blue and (this is the important part) has the last verse of of Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" on the back (with "I" changed to "we," of course). I first saw it from the back and had a total English!dork moment.
Tags: oxford summer seminar 2003

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