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Oh yeah, that updating thing.

Meh, tired today. Was all psyched to update this morning because i finished my paper, but the Internet was down. Napped this afternoon, but still feel lethargic. Will try to summon up the really good mood of this morning.

I actually finished my paper, save for some edits and a concluding paragraph, around noon yesterday -- over 24 hours before it's due? Unheard of! I rewarded myself with lunch: one of Morton's specials was smoked cheddar and apple coleslaw. Not bad. Mayonnaise is so not my thing, though.

There were extra tickets to the RSC's Coriolanus at the Old Vic yesterday, so i went. (This is the 3rd of the 4 plays the Shakespeare class is doing. Like Tempest, Measure for Measure -- the 4th one -- will be open to all students, but i begged for Twelfth Night and happened to be in the right place at the right time for this one. Whee! I mean, i am an English major after all.) The production was good enough, though i'm not a huge fan of the play. They did it with Japanese costume, etc. but didn't actually revamp the play itself or anything, so it was a bit odd "Rome this" and "Rome that" with samurai costumes. Marcius had lots of very modern body language, which was very obviously done on purpose. A bit jarring, but the play is so long and largely boring that i can understand wanting to add some interest. Had never read the play (and i think this is the one play they skip in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged) but i followed along well enough. They wanted to kill him because he was proud?! wtf. Being a warrior (in the bloody warring killing sense) never endears people to me so the whole "the people love him because he is a great warrior, blah blah blah" didn't really resonate with me personally. In some of the middle of the pre-intermission (the first 3 acts) he seemed like he really wasn't proud, so i was a bit thrown because i wasn't sure which characters' interpretations were "right" so to speak (and the 2 tribunes did a wonderful job of making you hate them). I understood better by around the time his consulship may get revoked. Marcius's talk about hating the commoners was interesting, because he keeps saying he does all this fighting for his country, and the idea of loving your country but hating the citizens of your country is interesting. I also had flashes of Ibsen's Enemy of the People -- i mean, they call him an "enemy of the state." The play mostly felt meh, but 4.5 was coolness: brief slapstick (not quite part of the original writing i don't think) and then there so needs to be Marcius/Aufidius slash and not just because Shakespeare's passionate friendship writing can be so slashy. (Incidentally, Aufidius was played by a black man, which threw me when he first appeared because i didn't know if he'd been written that way explicitly and started thinking about Othello and was from that point on always thinking about what it meant that his character was portrayed as African-American... yeah, not exactly what i was supposed to be focusing on while watching the play, but whatcanyado.) Also, 5.3... omg he has a son?! who is such a mini-Marcius: "He shall not tread on me! I'll run away until I'm bigger and then I'll fight him." I actually liked Marcius despite myself in part of the post-intermission, but yes, basically he's no good. Red blood on white petals from the celebration, on floor which was redlit the whole time anyway... mmm. And anachronism much? The noise at the end was way overkill and then that?! I was glad i saw it without having read the end of the play, though.

Before the play we walked along the Thames for a while, saw the Globe from the outside, and then got something to eat at this outdoor restaurant. I got vegetable spring rolls for £3.50. There were, um, 2. And some cucumber slices with dressing on shredded lettuce. The whole place was overpriced. A bottle of Smirnoff was £2.90. The spring rolls were okay. I'd gotten 2 at dinner the previous night because i loved Smith's spring rolls, but the Trinity ones were no good. Smith dining does something better than other people? The apocalypse cometh. (I also saw a London Pride statue. Sadly, Pride in the Park this Saturday looks missable. Should mention it to Mandy anyway, though.)

Last night when i got home, around 1:30, the Big Dipper was right above the buildings. I've never seen it that low. I took a picture, though i doubt it came out.

I really need to start carrying a camera with me literally all the time. I went to get ice cream and the sky was filled with dark clouds, but the sunset wasn't for another hour and a half and the buildings all looked bright -- no idea how that works, but way pretty. And, um, no camera.
While you're running around trying to do "it" all, stop once in a while and just feel where you are... close your eyes and smell the sounds... hear the scents... experience your "moment" with different senses and in different ways than one usually does. The moment you experience now is a treasure for a lifetime. Imprint it well in your whole being so as to never lose the treasure in the fading of time. Pictures are nice, always, but feeling the moment so transends it all.
-my Uncle Miles
Oh, and have i mentioned the gorgeous weather here?

Before we left for London to Coriolanus, i hung out with Jenny for a while. She's a student at BU and also has a full-time job as a design consultant or something -- she works for a company and comes up with all the designs and gets an annual salary, yadda yadda. Hardcore, yo. I might be going out clubbing with her and her people Thursday night. Her dad sent her this huge package and she was all worried that it would be bizarro stuff 'cause her dad buys stuff off of infomercials and then realizes "I have no use for this" and sends it to her at college. So she has like 4 ThighMasters. Mark (the bestest porter ever) said that would be useful for an octpus :) Anyway, she's talking about how her daddy sends her all this stuff and Mark says "This is daddy parent not sugar daddy, right?" Omg i love that man. It turned out to be loads of food (and some shampoo and lotion). She was so thrilled, and sent me back to my room with bunches of it, some because she didn't like the food (dried mango slices for example, which went to Karen because she was on the steps and she said she loves mango and, like Jenny, i don't) and some just because she's big on sharing. I also got some of her strawberry milkshake while we watched the Daria Homecoming Parade episode on her laptop. Yeah, my life is good sometimes.

I have my Robinson Crusoe presentation on Thursday. Josh lent me his Norton so i can read some of the essays and thus have something to talk about. Valentine covered pretty much all the major themes in class today and then told me to talk about similar things, focusing on selfhood. Um, okay. The presentations are almost a joke, though, because he gets off on tangents and talks forever. Every day he seems like he's drunk, but he's really not. I hope he comes to Balcony Dinner. Alice and i got to class a few minutes early today, and he told us to "Go away. No, I mean it" because he wasn't ready, for us to go walk around in the garden. So we did. My life is fun sometimes.

I feel like someone other than offbalance was wanting book icons. oyceter made great ones if anyone's interested.

Al's in the NYT. And my mom helped, of course :)

I know i've said this in similar words before, but i think on major reason i don't get "homesick" much is that i don't have a "home" to be sick for. I mean, everywhere i semi-permanently inhabit is in some way transient and is missing important parts of my life, but i enjoy those places (hence why i semi-permanently inhabit them) and just sometimes miss certain things that they lack. (Listening to Caroline on the phone i am reminded that not having a significant other also makes it easier. There is no one whom it really pains me to not be in close [physical] frequent contact with.)

[Gee, that entry only took like an hour and a half to write. And now to my friendslist.]
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