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I love my classes sometimes.

I had forgotten just how much Valentine talks. I read the majority of the Norton essays on the text and had notes on several; had talking points but no real outline or anything. I say 5 sentences about the Ian Watt essay and solitude and mythicization and he goes off on that and madness and we get into the fact that there's no sex in Robinson Crusoe and how that's contrary to reality and sex in the Navy and how that's a big issue now with allowing women in the Navy and doesn't anyone know what he's talking about which gets us into a discussion about American media and the European interpretation thereof and i reference Christopher Rick's remarks last night and after a half an hour it's back to me. I talk about Flynn's essay on cannibalism and Crusoe's anxiety about savagery and he starts talking again and we talk about cannibalism and taboo and in relation to good/bad, (un)clean eating i mention Peter's vision, and another time i discuss cannibalism and Alice mentions Stranger in a Strange Land before i can (even though that isn't where i was taking my rationale from). Then it's 5 minutes before class ends and he asks if i have anything else to say before we leave and i mention Damrosch's essay and his idea, first, that Robinson Crusoe is a novel that got away from its author, and then about solitude and how Crusoe can't sin without other people around so the anxiety created by the arrival of the cannibals (aside from the previously discussed anxieties that brings up). I actually had a lot more i could have talked about about savagery and religion and solitude as well as the other theme of labor and God and selfhood. I think i'm going to do my paper on labor, Puritanism, Weber, solitude, selfhood, Robinson Crusoe both because i've already read and taken notes on so many of the essays and because Protestantism is a big interest of mine. He "suggested" about a dozen works for us to read on George Eliot, which is a bit of a laugh because that's for Tuesday and we all have another class which is finishing up next week. If Trinity has the essays he wants us to read i will certainly read them (though it sounded like they were lengthy and dense) but then he was talking about the various "standard life of"s that are out there and hello, i am not reading a biography of George Eliot over the weekend.
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