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Too lengthy for the bulleted list format.

I am not going to Stonehenge because it is over £20 and approximately 3 hours from London (not counting the reasonable time and fare involved in Oxford to London). I want to see the all-female Richard III at the Globe, though, so i need to call tomorrow and see if i can get a £5 admission (standing, not sitting, but for £5 i am totally okay with that) for Saturday. I'll go in after breakfast, go to the National Gallery, maybe some other stuff (Pride Parade starts around noon so perhaps i can contrive to be in the area and see some of that just 'cause, ya know, i'm there), and come back that night. Mandy and Karen are going into London tomorrow and then a friend of theirs is coming on Saturday. Early next week i need to pin Mandy down on a date to go to Sussex.

S2 is the new cool thing, so i thought i was one of the few who didn't like it, but then anniesj said, "I'm one of the few people who doesn't mind the S2 style." Interpretation of popularity is all in the company you keep, i suppose (which is really true of everything) and which reminds me that i am usually so glad i am not really "in fandom." I check in after episodes (usually) and usually manage to hear fun con info (and casting information whether i want it or not) and i manage to avoid all the kerfuffles except sort of driving by them so to speak. I wish i were in the loop as to where to find good fanfic, but i don't think there exists such a loop; one just has to have friends who can recc good stuff (or spend way too much time searching the web).

I dislike AIMexpress. It is better than no AIM, though. No one ever IMs me, but tonight i put that as my away message and Rebecca IMed me almost immediately. Yay. :)

The Canada kids leave tomorrow. Also with the yay. They have their fancy farewell dinner tonight, so after regular dinner they were all outside the dining hall taking pictures of each other and they kept encroaching on us (me and the people i was hanging out with) even though we kept moving away from them, so we eventually went to the Lodge to chill.

Big influx of tourists today. (Have i mentioned how i often feel like we're in a zoo, on display. One time i was leaving and this tour guide was at the gate saying "And on our right, Trinity College" and i felt like implied was "Also on our right, a Trinity College student.") They look into Mandy and Karen's room because they're on the ground floor. One of these days one of them is going to pull out a camera and take a picture of one of the tourists. They were joking with Dave about all this and suggestions included putting a sign on the window that says "Not a Tourist Attraction" (followed by the suggestion to put a sign on the other window saying "Please Look in My Window") and offering to take a picture of a tourist with one of us "authentic Trinity students" and then saying "That'll be 2 pounds."

Dinner conversation tonight was phallic imagery in 19th-century women's literature.
How did you guess i was sitting with Smithies?
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