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Baby ducks!

This morning it was rainy (and cool and a bit windy) and i was attempting to lock myself in the computer lab and write my second Black Britain paper. Mid-afternoon it got gorgeous and i got even less successful at writing my paper. I remembered that these past couple days i'd been thinking about how i don't get out and walk much anymore, so i went to University Park.

There were these birds in the river (besides the multiplicitous ducks) that resembled pheasants only without the long tails. Their beaks and the continuing area around their eyes was white. Then there were other ones the same only red. I definitely took about a half a dozen pictures of them. (My criteria for taking pictures is basically: stuff i don't see at home.)

Then i walked around the pond (which i'm fairly certain is man-made, though as i was leaving i definitely saw near the edge the kind of disturbances one sees when fish come up and gulp at the surface) and was sad that there was no heron like last time when i didn't have a camera and started thinking that this would be a really nice place to come and meditate. As i came back around i saw this duck standing up more than any duck i've ever seen (not only was the neck stretched full out, but even the body was tilted upward) and i went to take a picture and it kept moving and then i saw a baby duck in the lily ponds near it. Bunch o' pictures of that. The baby and adult swimming next to each other, then swimming directly at me. (I really would have loved to have a zoom lense, incidentally.) I could see other ones in the lilies, and yup, there was a group of three on the other side of that swath of lilies. I probably took at least a dozen pictures in that pond, some of which might actually be pretty good.

Leaving the park i saw squirrel with a nut in its mouth, which i'd never actually seen, and that got some more pictures, though i didn't manage to catch the best shots.

And then i saw these large black and white patterned birds, no idea what they were, and unfortunately didn't get any pictures of them.
Tags: oxford summer seminar 2003

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