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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

*sighs wearily*

I just can't handle the liberal media (anymore), and i figured out why: it all comes from a base of "George W. is evil." I know i'm overgeneralizing, but i've been dabbling in politics recently (i've kept up with very little since i've been away, but i check InstaPundit and a few other blogs every once in a while) and the anti-war/GW stuff has inspired in me deep weariness, and i was thinking about why that is, and that's my decision.

Okay, the obvious counterpoint is that many conservatives do the reverse. I'll take your word for it because i'm sure it's true. However, the conservatives i read are very willing to criticize people in their party, and while sometimes they fall victim to totally writing people off (which frustrates me no end) i find them on the whole to be very reasonable and other such synonyms. Every time i read something from a place like indymedia, in contrast, i feel like it's a possibly reasoned and fact-based attack based in personal biases.

Example: Andrew Sullivan attacks the Human Rights Campaign's defense of (Democratic) Congressman Stark's homophobic remarks (scroll down). HRC's Winnie Stachelberg says "it's also important to note that Congressman Stark is one of the gay community's staunchest allies." Andrew Sullivan is gay, and he talks a lot about what politicians have done (or not done) for gay rights, but he rightly points out that what the HRC is saying is "bigotry is fine if you vote our way" and wonders "How will anyone take HRC seriously when they condemn Republican bigotry in the future?"

Anyway, like i said, i haven't been keeping up with foreign affairs or most anything besides my LJ friendspage since i've been out of the country, so please don't try to argue with me about foreign affairs etc. because i'm not prepared to argue back. I do, however, recomemend that you visit InstaPundit, frequently. I may not have articulated myself the best possible in this post, so please forgive that and try to go for the gist of the post. I'm certainly not condemning all liberals as fanatical Bush-haters or anything like that (duh), and i'll probably be back to debating sometime after i return to the States (though the idea of debating this stuff again makes me weary just thinking about).

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