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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

in which i briefly discuss Harvey Milk High School going public

My dad sent me this and i smiled.

A friend sent me this and i felt torn. Shortly thereafter, my father sent me this, and while i can't bring myself to head over to the Jolt, webchicky does have an entry asking for thoughts and one commenter links to a comment-debate in his journal.

Okay, here are my issues.

I have issues with affirmative action and single-sex schooling (yes, even though go to one such institution) and i really need to research them a lot more, so please don't attack me about this because i can't argue properly, i just have issues. Anyway, i think this provokes the same sort of gut reaction. If it's a private school, fine. Private institutions can do pretty much whatever they want. But getting public funding for something which with only 100 students is a very selective institution rubs me the wrong way.

Plus, only 100 students, so as a band-aid it's not even a big band-aid. I have no idea how admission is chosen (i would hope the criteria would be how shitty your high school is, i mean, how badly you really need to get out of there and into a safe environment, but cynically i suspect there are other factors, like perhaps if you can afford it, though i suppose that would be remedied by going public) but many school administrations may see it as an excuse to not do more to fix issues in their own schools, figuring, "Hey, gay kids can just transfer to Harvey Milk."

Also, what about queer kids who are getting mistreated in school but who can't tell their parents? What about straight kids who are getting mistreated in school because people think they are queer?

A commenter in the Reason post brought in publicly funded schools for the blind, deaf, and mentally handicapped. Hi, there's a difference between not being able to function in mainstream schools because of a birth defect and not being able to function in a mainstream school because the world is out to get you.

I'm not at all opposed to a high school just for queer kids. I just don't think it should be publically funded. Public funds should go to making all schools safer for queer kids.

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