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London vs. Oxford and other thoughts on traveling

I went to the Ashmolean today. *shrug* It was okay. I'd forgotten how much east-Asian Buddhist/Hindu imagery appeals to me. And there was a sandstone shrine which had a female figure on each of the four sides, and they were nude from the waist up but had great expressions of power and authority; i dunno, i liked it. Also, they have Powhatan's mantle, yo.

There are a bunch of thrift stores here i wanna check out (yeah, like i have room to bring home more clothes).

I like Oxford better than London because it feels like i can just wander around and see things and discover things, whereas London is so big and intimidating that you have to have a plan. Also, because i'm staying in Oxford i see things like the various themed walking tours, whereas in London as a tourist you very much get the feel of any paid tours just hitting the major attractions/landmarks. I was talking to Victoria a while ago, and we both prefer Boston to places like NYC because Boston is more manageable and stuff.

Mandy said i'm gonna have to go to Sussex without her because she only has like a hundred dollars left ("Damn Beer Cellar," she said.). That seems to be a common sentiment among the people in the program recently. Caroline, Amy, etc. were planning a weekend in Scotland and talking about how little money they have left. The program is nearly 2/3 over. I will return to the States with a decent amount of money. Does this mean perhaps i could have afforded a weekend in Edinburgh? Probably. I certainly could have at least eaten out more frequently. (Things like Edinburgh have the added complication of obscene amounts of time spent traveling.) But being very careful with my money is ingrained into my being, and i really want to be able to afford things like textbooks when i get back to the States. Will i have done everything i would have liked to while i was here? No, due to a combination of timing, cost, meshing plans with other people, and other factors. Have i "made the most" of my time here? Maybe not in the squeezing the last drop out of it kinda way. I've had days where i just sat in my room and wrote fanfic. I've had times when i've actually been bored. But i don't like cramming my days with doing stuff. Sometimes that's good, but other times i just want mellow.

Here ends the mildly articulate entry.
Tags: art: museum: england, oxford summer seminar 2003

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