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There was a rainbow!

It rained a lot today, but had stopped before dinner and we were chilling in our room and then Emily, who was facing the window, said there was a rainbow and sure enough there was. Faint, so Caroline and i doubt our photos of it will come out, but still.

Dinner was good (pesto tortellini etc.) but dessert was disappointing, so i went to G&D's and splurged on an ice cream. I need to go back there 'cause they have some really yummy flavors.

Avette rubs me the wrong way, but we no longer have class together, so we will probably talk less. I kinda misinterpreted the question for this essay, which i kinda knew, and the essay at times got away from me, which i definitely knew because i could definitely feel it as i was writing, but she still gave me an A/B. I need to motivate myself to revise my previous paper for the Hofer Prize. Told Ruvani i met Peter, and she had no idea who i was talking about; oh well.

They updated "I Am Smith" and i still know people. The picture of Lauren is so bad, though, meep.

"Watch Ken get the most action he's gotten all trip." -Samantha, watching Ken and Tammy wrestle


His term's nearly over and i hadn't actually hated him yet, but pushing to "codify" marriage as being only between a man and a woman, that makes me hate him.

My senior year in high school i wrote a research paper making the case for same-sex marriage (dealing with both religious and legal as well as more basic equality arguments). It does need revision, but i think it still holds up 2 and a half years later.

(This also upsets me, but is so much more minor.)

A different kind of OMG moment is this e-mail from my father:
On the eponymous sitcom, Frasier's brother Niles used to have an unseen wife, Maris--shallow, snobby, and excrutiatingly thin--about whom many jokes were made. Several seasons ago they divorced, but the ratings are going south, and the producers may bring her back as an onscreen character, played by a real actress. One of the names batted around: Juliet Landau (My God! I didn't know her father was Martin Landau).
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