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Less than two hours until dinner....

I feel all popular with this sudden flurry of being friended. I always feel weird when people friend me while i'm on a theme (Buffy, Iraq, Oxford, whathaveyou) because i think people are gonna be disappointed uninterested when i start posting a lot on something different. So i would just like to remind everyone that they can defriend me and my feelings will not be hurt. And i'm weird about choosing to friend people, so please don't be offended if i don't friend you back. [The better i know you the more likely i am to add you to my friendslist, so feel free to comment on entries, IM me, etc.]

Listening to a conversation with Clare on Tuesday i realized that the reason we saw so many people in black robes at the beginning of our stay here is that they were in Examination Robes. (If i'd known that at the time i probably would have been tacky and surreptitiously taken a picture of some of them.)

I walked into breakfast today and the guy hands me a plate of 5 hash browns. Oh yeah, he knows me. A couple times recently i've actually been feeling less well and only gotten 3, but this has been later in the morning when the woman is serving and the hash browns have looked a bit overcooked anyway. These were delicious, though, and i definitely wanted 5.

Balcony Dinner with Valentine on Monday. (I want to go to Ashdown Forest some day when i can have the entire day and not worry about needing to be back, and there are fewer and fewer days in which i can do that. Hmm.) That should be great. He is the most cracked out professor i have ever had. He knows scads, unquestionably, but he's just, i don't have words. But if you ever have opportunity to take a class or go to a lecture by Valentine Cunningham, DO IT. We spent probably 15 minutes at the beginning of class discussing (by which in this class i almost always mean "listening to him talk about") the British slang "bugger" and i learned that "faggots" in Britain are a meatball type thing. He was telling us about this Japanese guy who was translating a book, and in the book there's a line where a man says to his wife, "Bugger me, I could do with some faggots tonight." In synchronicity, this [faggots as culinary item] comes up in today's Lileks.

Unrelatedly, this piece from the Lemon made me snicker:
In the wake of the attack earlier this week that left Uday and Qusay Hussein dead, many in America's academic community came forward to encourage the remaining supporters of Saddam Hussein to "look past their anger" and try to discover the "root causes" of the American attack. Said Middle East correspondent and professional idiotarian Robert Fisk, "While it might be tempting for Saddam's supporters to lash out at the west, they would be better served by trying to understand why they are so hated throughout the world, including in their own country."

Also, here are two (somewhat contrasting) pieces on Bob Hope's writers. And i so agree with my father's comment:
It always bothers me when I see in a quotation book or a quotation page or something similar and there's a line from a prepared speech and the speaker's name and I think, "But he didn't come up with it. He just read it. Some speechwriter actually wrote it. I wonder who it was."
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