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Sometimes my life is really really great.

Balcony Dinner last night. At the Miriam's room pre-dinner mixer i had 3 glasses of water and then, at Jim's urging, a glass of white wine. In the hour of dinner i had two glasses of white wine, this time at the urging of Valentine -- who mocked my vegetarianism all night. By the time dinner was over i realized i felt light-headed, but i wasn't otherwise affected. This is why i don't drink much (besides the fact that i don't like the taste of most alcohol); it doesn't make me more outgoing or more honest or anything like that. We went down to the Beer Cellar and i had a fourth glass of white wine, this time i think just because it was there.

I talked with Brian Long-Haired-Brian for a while about music and TV and stuff but it was actually really good conversation. Ken -- who must have been really drunk -- came over and started telling Brian how wonderful i am. That i'm nice and intelligent and thoughtful and interesting and learned and other adjectives i've forgotten. Mandy and Karen and others don't like him much because he's said inappropriate things etc. and from what they've said i think they have every reason to not wanna be around him, and he's not my favorite person to be around, but he was the first person i met when i got here (after Dave, who didn't really count at the time because he just gave me my packet and directions) and i still think of him as a generally good guy, so it was nice to have that validated. Plus, i always love being flattered, so i was grinning like a goof 'cause i can't help it and Ken said something like "Look at that smile," and i thought of Kevin because he always says how gorgeous my smile is and stuff.

Later i was talking with Kate and we had really great conversation and she bought me a lime Bacardi breezer and then we went outside onto the mini-quad because we could barely hear ourselves talk, and eventually we headed back to her room until she kicked me out around 11:30 because she had some work to get done for the next day. This all made me really happy for reasons including the fact that while i like Kate she's usually so negative. I was thinking again about the high standards/expectations i have for people recently (triggered by recent posts from Toby) and one of my issues was negativity and i was thinking about how much more i enjoy conversing with Kate now that we talk about Philip Pullman and what fantasy books she's read recently instead of her just being negative all the time. (And hey, it wasn't even Positive Wednesday.) I learned last night that Kate loves Bill Clinton, the Kennedys and Tori Amos. Why do i feel like that's blackmail material?

After she kicked me out i (duh) went back to my room and there were a whole bunch of people on the stoop, getting ready to head out to the lawn because it was near quiet hours. Miriam was distributing cookies -- yayness.

Anyway, we headed over to the grass and everyone was really drunk and i wasn't a big fan and i said something about how i should leave and LHB (Long-Haired-Brian) said "No, stay, you're groovy," and so i did. We started talking, and eventually everyone else went to bed and we just stayed out there still talking, about so much stuff, and it was great. He said he was sorry he was so drunk because it was making it really difficult to speak intelligently and finish a train of thought and so on, and i told him honestly that he was doing a very good job and that i appreciated it. A number of times he mentioned how tired he was, and i essentially gave him permission to go to bed, but it wasn't until around 5am that he finally said he needed to go to bed or else he was gonna feel like shit.

All this intelligent discussion makes me really happy and i need to find more of it and keep in contact with these people.

(Oh, Brian was saying one thing he's been disappointed at here is not being able to find live music. Any thoughts, akronohten?)
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