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Things fall apart, but the center can still hold.

I will be updating about *my* life shortly, but catching up on my friendspage it seems lots of people are having shit of various degrees in their life, which is wildly unfair. Because i can't do anything except offer sympathies and prayers, i'm posting this e-mail from my mom.
I was at Ruggles waiting for the train tonight ... in the outdoor sauna.
Something was flying around my head and then landed on my breast -- a butterfly.
Surely a sign that all is not lost?
It lingered for quite some time while I just watched it. With it's wings closed it look like a dead leaf, but when they fluttered open, it went from dark brown at the bottom to bright orange at the top -- like a flame. A velvet flame, actually.
Which reminded me of John of the Cross's "living flame of love" (God).
A blessing.

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