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Update as promised. Nothing exciting.

Guest Dinner Tonight:
-Chilled Cucumber Soup with Smoked Salmon
-Char grilled Chicken Supreme with Tomatoes and Olives
-Iced Chocolate Bombe with Cherries

The flavor of the soup was much more concentrated than one would expect from cucumbers, and i found it unpleasant. Josh and Kate suspected the salmon verged on raw, and the vegetarians got this chilled green lump in their soup instead of a salmon lump. Christina asked if it was avocado. It definitely was not. I had almost no soup.

The chicken was replaced with mushrooms, and it was on pasta/tortellini, so i ate well.

Dessert was a round thing of chocolate ice cream with a hard chocolate coating on it. YUM. Some of us could have done without the cherry sauce drizzled around it. Kate said she prefered her ice cream "virgin" and we agreed not to make bad taste jokes about that.

Kate's funny. She has an obsessive personality, so when she likes stuff she *really* likes stuff. I learned tonight that not only does she love the Harry Potter books, but she also loves the movies and in general enjoys movies made out of books, doesn't have the problem i have of having the images get stuck in my head crowding out my own picturing of the characters etc.

After dinner everyone had left except High Table and Michelle/Chloe/Anne Marie. I sat down next to Michelle and said, "What the hell was that green stuff they put in our soup?" Hi, my name is Elizabeth and i have no tact sometimes. She suspected it was just frozen soup, which made sense to me. I went with them to not have coffee, and then we hung out on a bench outside Trinity chatting and that was cool. They're always talking about the sexual imagery in their 19th Century Women's Literature readings, and tonight i learned that when they went to the Jane Austen Centre, Ann-Marie bought missing smut from Pride and Prejudice. They said there were other ones, but i couldn't find them on Amazon. That kind of stuff would make me get into reading Austen again. Then they were talking about doing similar things, and i felt kinda like i was in NC-17 fan-fic-dom, only with literature (and from Michelle's talk about the book Anne Marie got, it sounds a lot more serious and well-thought out than so much fanfic smut which often boils down to "how can i make these pretty people fuck?"). They're not my favorite people, but they're growing on me, and i had a good night.

Went to do laundry around 11 after we finally parted ways. Seemed like everyone was doing laundry. I emptied a finished washer into an empty dryer, though, so it was all good. Then came down to the computer lab and got the last remaining computer. Apparently 2 classes have papers due tomorrow. I felt bad when people came in and then left because there was no open computer, but i'm too tired to feel up for socializing and i have to do laundry. At 1:30 i can take my clothes out of the dryer and go to bed, thank goddess.

Keep reminding myself that i'm going to London. Probably leaving around lunch time because my only plans are National Portrait Gallery and an 8pm Midsummer at Regent's Park. And buying postcards. I bought some Oxford ones this afternoon and will be buying a plethora of London ones, both for scrapbooking and for sending as i haven't sent any postcards yet and promised them to various people. I also need to write another mass e-mail update. Probably this weekend. Also need to remember that submission for the Hofer prize is due Friday, the day which i'm going on the Hardy country hike (preceded by Stonehenge). And my final paper is due next Wednesday. And i should e-mail Joe about stuff. So much to do. I need to go to the Ashmolean again and visit a couple more of the colleges, but it's been in the 80s and i just haven't wanted to do anything. I found college t-shirts, but they have the college arms on the breast pocket which isn't something i'm a fan of, and the Trinity arms are depicted really poorly. You can get college scarves, but i don't really want that. I may yet get a nice grey Oxford University t-shirt, though i haven't had luck procuring a good image of the Trinity arms online. [My plan is to get a good image of the Trinity college arms, print it onto iron-on material, and iron it onto the back of an Oxford t-shirt.]
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