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It is entirely possible that i spend altogether too much time posting on LJ.

From the sidebar to the June 21, 2002 Entertainment Weekly article on Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr., talking about doing Scooby Doo without an actual Scooby Doo.

One of the most difficult parts, according to the actors---who ranged from the 5'3" Gellar to the 6'4" Lillard---was getting the sight lines correct. "What's odd about cameras is perception, so where I'm looking at Scooby would not be where Freddie would look," says Gellar. "With my height, [the eye line] wa sprt fo at Matt Lillard's waist. So I spent months staring at his crotch. Matt's package and I are very well acquainted."

I am amused. Especially because i first read it as "said Prinze." I happened to see the Simpsons-go-to-Brazil episode a few days ago (My brother watches it, so i often end up seeing parts of episodes even though i have no real interest in or love for the show.) and there was more gayness in that episode than i have ever seen in a Simpsons episode. This made me happy. I don't understand why Brazilians got so bent out of shape over the episode. It wasn't bad at all, esp. compared to what i remember of the Simpsons-go-to-Japan episode. Not to mention the fact that the Simpsons make fun of everything.

And continuing with the amusedness, this is from "Flag on the Field: Soccer, the last acceptable form of nationalism" by Anne Applebaum:

But the significance of the American team's weakness has always been underrated, too. Particularly now that the Olympics have been spoiled by total American dominance, it is nice for everybody else that the United States always loses at the only game the rest of the world really cares about. Now that the United States has started to do a bit better, the future looks darker. Hearing the score of this morning's Mexico game—and the rumors that riots might start in Mexico City—I immediately worried: If the United States started to dominate soccer the way it dominates basketball, then anti-Americanism might really start to get ugly.
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