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"public affection is so exciting it even makes airports okay"

Picking up where i left off last entry.... Friday was an okay day. I was the first person into the dining hall for breakfast and pretty much inhaled my food. I didn’t get to hang out with a whole lot of people since a lot of people were leaving early and, as on Thursday, everyone else was packing or doing last minute shopping or what have you. Bummer.

On my way back to my staircase from the computer lab to take a shower before breakfast, Sara(h) and Adam ran by me. I wouldn’t have even noticed except that Sara(h) yelled some stuff to me, all of which i forget except “running to catch a bus,” to which i responded something including “talk to you later.” They’re going to visit family of Adam’s in Ireland, but we definitely need to keep in touch. I thought it was cute that the visiting gf, not the guy who’s been in the program with me for 6 weeks was the one who bothered to yell at me as they ran by.

I learned that since i’d packed light on the way over and then bought things, i needed an additional bag. Boswells was having a sale on luggage, so i got a nice black duffel bag for only ten pounds.

It was a beautiful day, so Long-Haired Brian (who now that the-program-with-three-Brians is over can be referred to as just Brian) and i hung out for a while before heading out to the airport. New people were moving in on Sunday, and the housecleaning staff finishes at 1 on Friday, but as long as we and all our stuff were out of our rooms we were free to hang around on the ground.

Mark the Porter has an e-mail address! He said some people had gotten it, so i should ask around. Oh yeah.

We finally left Trinity around 1. At the Queen’s Place stop i remembered “High Street - Queen’s Place” and thought, “I’ll never do this again.” Shortly thereafter i passed out for the duration since i hadn’t slept in over 24 hours. We got through Heathrow with little difficulty and hung out for a while before boarding. I didn’t do as much reading on the plane as i’d expected since (surprise!) i kept dozing off.

I’m glad all my NYC peoples are okay. Boston was unaffected, thankfully, and my flight actually arrived early. My baggage did not, however. Chloe (who was the one who was actually worried about her luggage getting lost) said, “I have a loved one waiting who is probably paying dearly for parking.” Brian did, too, but the sweetheart waited with me. Ultimately i had to file a lost luggage claim and he went to meet his gf. I almost told him, “If you see a woman with long red hair, that’s my mother and you can tell her i’m just filing a lost luggage claim.” My mother in turn, saw him and wondered if he was my Long-Haired Brian.

9 times out of 10 your luggage arrives on the next flight, and so it was with mine -- around 1:30 on Saturday a guy drove up and i signed for my bag. Mostly it was just clothes and toiletries, so i wouldn’t have been traumatized if it vanished into the ether, but unpacking it i saw my striped shoulder bag and was so glad i hadn’t realized that was in there because i love that bag and haven’t seen anything similar.

I love Lileks sometimes. On the NYC blackout and the news coverage thereof he writes:
I’m sure no one was happy to be standing there in the dead black dark, but what could you do? Stick someone up, take his credit cards and fashion them into a small portable fan? Stab someone in the foot, and hope he hops around and creates a small breeze? Set yourself on fire to take your mind off the hunger?
I came home to lots of mail, some of it even worth having. I am indeed on the list for SAA, though they still haven’t told us where our temp housing is. *growls* Training looks like it’ll kinda suck, but at least it isn’t ResLife.

Speaking of heading back to Smith, suggestions for a title for my editorial column as well as what to write about for the Back to School issue (Cate said: "The Back to School issue is usually geared toward the incoming 1st years, so we'll probably keep it kind of low-key.") are welcome.

Saturday i went to Wal-Mart with my mother. I now have, among other things, platform Mary Janes. Finally! The front of the sole does this weird curl up thing, but they’re good enough. I still plan to seek out more permanent shoes. I also decided Sunday evening that i want to get myself some sort of faux men’s suit. No reason.

Saturday evening we had my homecoming dinner at my grandmother’s, which was nice. Later that night i went to (the NC-17 version of) Showgirls at Dedham Community with my boy (and Jon and Elena and other peoples). There’s something i read once, “There is nothing less erotic than a completely naked body,” something like that, and it’s definitely accurate. What is hot is tension, is mystery, is NOT KNOWING. The porntasticness of the movie was not hot. There needs to be Nomi/Molly and Nomi/Cristal slash, because those were hot. (Ooh, and anniesj has a random porn thread.) I was not warned about the incredibly disturbing scene. I can even understand a narrative necessity for it, but i was not warned. And yes, one definitely would skip over it in repeated viewings. While for much of the movie i understood why Joe thinks it belongs in the comedy and not the drama section, disturbing scene aside, the movie just holds no appeal for me to rewatch. (I was amused that while Joe has watched it more times than is healthy, on the drive home he mentioned plot problems that i had explanations for after that single viewing.)

Meredith, Joe says Entertainment Weekly has a list of the top cult classic movies – wanna bring that issue to Smith so i can check it out? Thanks so much.

Sunday’s sermon was on keeping the Sabbath. It was okay. I understand that it’s one of the commandments, but i just don’t see it as key. I think things like, oh, being nice to people, are much more key.
One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”
”The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
-Mark 12:28-34 (NIV)
He said that Voltaire was once asked how to get rid of Christianity and his answer was stop them keeping the Sabbath. He also mentioned that the question early Christians were asked (in areas where it was illegal) was “Do you keep the Lord’s Day.” Later i thought, though, that that was about the fact that Christians said that God’s law superseded that of government and that didn’t make rulers happy, and keeping the Sabbath was the easiest example of that (much of Christian law meshes nicely with most government’s rules). He definitely got into iffy church/state area. He said that Glasgow’s motto used to be “May Glasgow flourish by the praising of the Lord and the keeping of His Word” and the citizens took it to heart and the city flourished, but then politicians decided to cut it down to just “May Glasgow flourish” and since then the city has gone downhill morally and every other way. The idea of worldly prosperity as a sign of God’s approval always makes me uncomfortable.

The Pioccones had a pool party which we went to in the afternoon, and that was nice. Though at one point some people started talking about evolution, and i was not about to start arguing with people who say that evolution “is a mockery of Christ.” Later some people were talking about homeopathic medicine and i was a bit thrown because i associate that mindset with people other than fundamentalist Christians, but thinking about it a bit i realized that it makes sense, flows from the idea that God can provide better than men ever can and so on. I want to learn more about nutrition, specifically re: veg(etari)anism and “natural” remedies for colds and menstrual cramps. Gah, there is so very much i want to do/research in the near future.

I got sucked into playing volleyball and on occasion i didn’t suck. It’s one of the few sports i’m actually capable of being decent in. And it’s one of those convenient lessons about the importance of just going for it, of not being timid, of not being able to succeed if you don’t try, of needing to always be ready.

Back at the library on Monday for a full day of work. Boy was it busy. (We’re closed weekends in the summer, and school starts up in 2 weeks so hello summer reading.) Busy is good, though. And Terry totally still loves me. I like my life.

Yes, the England trip is really over, though i’m still translating prices and time zones and typing as if it were a British keyboard. I miss big breakfasts, hoummos & roasted vegetables baguettes from Mortons, and pesto tortellini. Anyone just tuning in can read it all starting here.

Extraneous linkage: I have never understood the fuss over precious stones. This, however, is quite interesting.
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