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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

ET: Marriage, Sex, and Scandal

Yes, this is the kind of stuff i watch late on a Saturday night when i’m not quite tired enough to go to sleep.

I was surprised by the different treatment given Demi Moore and Elizabeth Berkley.

The “scandalous roles” section of course opens with Berkeley. The narrator says that she has been working nonstop since Showgirls, most recently in Roger Dodger. And okay, looking at her filmography she’s been in The First Wives Club, Any Given Sunday, and the TV showTitus, but i think Showgirls is still considered to have essentially ended her career.

In contrast, the narrator says something about Demi Moore taking a break from acting after Striptease until Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle though in between those movies she did If These Walls Could Talk and G. I. Jane among other work.

Unrelatedly, i was troubled by the fact that almost all the actors in the “debts” section were black.

Too tired for comments of substance. Am sad that after i pack up my computer i won’t have it until Thursday afternoon. I am so not happy about this living out of boxes thing. I mean, i packed stuff i’m actually gonna use in those 4 days in its own stuff, so it won’t be a huge deal. And i can commandeer a campus shuttle and Liz Cowan’s in Wilder and has her car on campus. Ria’s gonna call me in the morning having talked to the first year occupying my room tonight and see if i can dump some of my boxes in my room after i check in. My uncle’s taking me in his truck and it would have been so nice to just do the moving in thing once and be able to fully settle in right when i arrive. There are a whole bunch of houses housing pre-orientation first-years. Why not let all the SAAs and HONS and everyone else coming back early into their real rooms (we’re cutting our vacations short to be useful to you, Smith, why not be nice to us?) and just make yet another house a pre-orientation house to hold the resultant overflow. (And of course lots of people i’ve talked to have asked why the early arriving first years don’t just move into their real rooms from the get go. I understand the rationale behind consolidating them, but i wouldn’t wanna move in and then move in again a week later.) I seriously plan to complain to someone after i get settled. I just pray someone other than Randy Shannon is in charge of this, because he has way too much to do already.

P.S. Am impressed that anyone read enough of my last entry to make any comments other than "wow that's lengthy and scattered."

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