Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Finally, the Rock has come back to Northampton.

Or, um, something like that.

I am finally back in my real room (Lamont 212, x4370).

Training is over and there will be a post about all that at some point.

I skipped the final session (role-playing) on Thursday afternoon to go to ITT and pick up my keys. I handed in my Wilder keys figuring the main doors would be propped anyway. I asked if there were any Public Safety vans or anything we could use. Answer: no. Once again, if i were the type of person to sit down and cry i would have done so. Leilani showed up, though, fresh from Texas and cheerfully agreed to transport Marnie and i and our stuff from Wilder to Lamont. Upon returning to Wilder i found my room door had been locked. I called Public Safety and though the woman said "It'll be a while," a guy showed up in about 20 minutes. And it only took us two trips in Leilani's car, which makes sense since we managed to do it all in a Focus last fall.

It was SO good to be back in my real room. And nice though Wilder is, i really like the building of Lamont better.

I was so excited about unpacking and putting stuff away. The books could wait, but i put away all my clothes and set up my computer (all by myself). Central Check-In today i got my Internet info and am now all happily connected and hooked up my scanner and printer as well. My printer seems to be printing with invisible ink, even when i do the "Clean Print Nozzles" thing. I think this is a sign that i should buy a Canon.

It was really nice being back with everyone since we rarely ever saw each other since we'd been back unless we were in training together. I was up so late talking to people last night. And then i dug out my door decorations because although even our dingy walls don't bother me much with their blankness, the empty doorfronts bother me. And it's so early that the HONS haven't even finished the official doortags yet. But now i have stuff on my door, plus my Free Hugs sign is up. I've met mmartinez1 and chiaroscuro17 and a few other of our first years and they all seem cool.

Am really tired as i got less than 4 hours of sleep last night. (Woke up freezing around 6:30.) We have meals in Lamont!

Am almost finished with Atonement and will be starting on The Lovely Bones shortly. Now to put up more posters, organize all my CDs and books, and then to this mythical picnic barbecue thing. Am hungry.

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