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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Friday... when did that happen?

Classes today weren’t adoration-inspiring either, but that’s okay. I’m taking them all for reasons other than major or distribution requirements, and i think i’ll get what i want from all of them and enjoy them to boot, even if i’m not madly in love with any of the classes or professors (and really, there are quite enough professors and other people i’m madly in love with without adding to the list).

Every one of my 4 courses has some sort of a course reader. Two at CopyCat (one of which wasn’t ready today), one at Paradise (Quashie told us it wouldn’t be ready until Sunday since he took some stuff out to bring the price down from the stratosphere), and a supplementary thing for Logic at the bookstore.

For Logic one of the ways to get extra credit is to write a letter to the editor which gets published in a newspaper (one to the Sophian does not automatically get you credit but has to be, in fact, logical) but having a logical editorial column in The Sophian does not count.

“Practicing logic without a license is a crime punishable by ridicule.”
Should we legalize drugs, limit urban rents, subsidize agriculture, trade with poor countries, tax polluters, provide national health insurance, import prescription drugs from Canada, privatize electricity generation, provide school vouchers, drill for oil in Anwar? To answer these questions you need to know something about the market for illegal drugs, agriculture, apartments, energy, education. Microeconomics is about how markets work.
I expect my two literature classes will be good, but i think i’m most excited about my two non-lit classes, because my brain is all “I’m going to learn so much information and skills which will make me such a more kick-ass person.” And yes by person i mean arguer.

I found the rest of my stuff in the trunk room this afternoon. Yay for white board & markers and wastebasket. Robin (the housekeeper) was teasing me this morning that i had the same stuff up on my door as i did last year. This is not entirely true. I get very picky about how i do things and then i like to keep them that way; what can i say? I found all my decorating stuff from last year and bought more postcards downtown today, so my door now is definitely more full than it was last year.

I have so much stuff i don’t want. People need to come visit my room and take my crap.

I also have a growing pile of stuff to give or return to people.

I just found out that UMass is doing RENT October 22-23 (Wed&Thurs). This is SO tempting, as RENT is one of the few shows i’ve actually wanted to see and i still haven’t seen it yet. I told Jonah we should go (to the real thing) for my birthday next summer. 5-College kids get in for only $15. Should i go? Would anyone come with me?

So much to do this weekend. Good thing i write everything down, because i keep forgetting stuff.

Also, Objective Christian Ministries as well as the less subtle Landover Baptist are parody sites.

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