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"Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it be morrow."

Oops, my mother e-mailed me around 2 reminding me that it was my father’s birthday (which i had totally forgotten) but it didn’t arrive in my inbox until almost 7pm because with all the viruses going around there’s been a big strain on the Smith e-mail filtration system. So yes, Happy Birthday a bit belatedly to one of the biggest influences in my life.

My parents respond to something i posted on not-a-whim-but-something-resembling-that.

Subject: because LJ doesn't like me

in response to the comment "are you in love"

i thought,
perhaps, with your life


Subject: Loved the Song of Songs LJ thing

I saw it as a companion to "Finally, the Rock has come back to Northampton." There, Elizabeth comes back to Smith. Here, Smith comes back to Elizabeth.
My lover [Smith] spoke and said to me,
"Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, and come with me [begin a new school year].
See! The winter [summer] is past;
Because when it comes to the undergraduate experience, summer is the dead time, and the time of separation.

Roger Sweeny

Interestingly, when Allie first came over after i’d come back this year she mentioned that since she lives nearby and works here over the summer, when we all come back to Smith it feels to her like Smith is coming back to her, which is cool.

A certain compatriot and i went to see Common Rotation open for DaVinci’s Notebook at the Iron Horse because (as she said) “as I see it, we can't let a recurring Buffy actor be 2 minutes walking distance away and NOT go.”

We were expecting them to be bad (though threehourslater is a fan). I know i at least was thinking of James Marsters and Ghost of the Robot (though i do actually kinda like some of what i’ve heard). We actually really enjoyed them, though. They were such big dorks. Totally not afraid afraid of looking like fools onstage. No worries about them trying too hard and taking themselves too seriously.

I would consider purchasing a CD at some point. I really need to get Anthony Stewart Head’s album and i really want to see Amber Benson’s film Chance. Wonder if Christian Kane’s album is worth purchasing, while we’re on the topic. I’m such a whore for Joss Whedon and his people.

Aside: What with the crackdown on file-sharing programs, anyone wanna IM me mp3s and/or make me mix CDs/tapes of good music? I’d be happy to send you mp3s i have or make you one or more CDs when i’m home with the family computer that has a CD-R drive. /aside

Talking about Da Vinci’s Notebook, Adam said, “And they’re racially diverse, which we don’t have going for us. It’s a bit intimidating.”

The lead of Da Vinci’s Notebook said, “We’re supposed to have opening acts that suck so that we sound good. Someone slipped up.”

With a name like Da Vinci’s Notebook i was expecting trance music or attempts at depressed profundity or something, and we were definitely prepared for them to suck as well (I’d heard good things about them, but after a painful catpower concert -- free at Davis -- it is drilled in my head that just because other people like a music group does not mean i will like them). Nope, it was goofy with a hefty load of vulgarity. Probably not a group i would add to my CD collection, but definitely talented and enjoyable.

“We’re so stereotypical, the Asian guy is messing with the electronics.”
“When I’m done with this thing it’ll do your taxes.”

“Only in America can you spend $4000 on electronics and still not be able to be heard.”
“Well, I figure I spent $10,000 on my wedding and i still never get heard.”

“Introducing the first Da Vinci’s Notebook product endorsement: Fisher Price -- the only piece of equipment the band owns which actually works.”

While the Asian guy was messing with the equipment at the beginning, one of the other band members said something like “What, are you building a woman back there?” and of course i half-expected one of them to call out “Hey, is Adam still here?” but of course that would have been a joke only a minority of the audience got. Later, though, they asked if anyone recognized Adam from Buffy and neither i nor my partner wanted to draw attention to ourselves, but a girl behind us yelled “Warren!” and definitely during the set there had been some screaming fangirls (not the horrible shrieking kind, just girls who screamed sometimes, and were probably the same ones who took a lot of pictures). At one point i was approximately 12 feet away from Adam Busch. You can now be jealous, or not. And apparently DVN knew Buffy well enough to know that Trogdor had been referenced in it.

DVN also impressed us by using correct grammar such as “I wish I were” and “could never love you as much as I.”

Nothing like putting up one’s white board and writing on it “Come visit and take some of my crap.” to get rid of one’s random gay postcards, cool t-shirts one doesn’t wear, an Ani poster one doesn’t particularly like, and some other stuff in oh, the first hour or so.

I may continue writing entries or portions of entries in Spanish. Should i provide a translation? Dictionary.com is pretty good -- just copy and paste the passage -- but i can include translations (which will look kinda lame compared to the usual richness of my entries as my Spanish is so much less advanced than my English) if there’s a desire. (Mom, i posted a translation in a reply to your comment.)

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