Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Sometimes, i just absolutely love my life so much.

So, last night i didn't get much work done, and it was okay because i really didn't have that much due today and i ventured onto AIM and chatted with lots of people and Sam is back at Hampshire and we ended up having lunch today and she's gonna be on campus a lot, so we should have lunch together a lot, just like i expect to continue having lunch with Allie a lot (and i met this great girl, Meagan Rossi at work and was also reminded again of how much i adore Stacey).

Anyway, after work today i realized just how much work i need to get done for tomorrow and Friday and Monday and started rationing out what work i could skip for the time being, but i saw in Acamedia a lecture tonight: "The Progeny of Marbury vs. Madison" by Judge Noonan of the Ninth Circuit, "address[ing] the reversal in constitutional jurisprudence generated by the U.S. Supreme Court's decisions limiting the scope of congressional power in deference to the power of the states" and of course i had to go to that and i'm very interested to hear how Allie's constitutional law class goes.

I was troubled by Noonan's lecture, and i'll discuss that more in my upcoming Update of Doom, but i saw Pat Skarda there so i stuck around afterward to chat with her. "We keep running into each other at all the good lectures, huh?" she said. "Well, all the lectures anyway," i replied. "We could debate about whether they're good or not."

Lauren Berlant (whom i loved at January's civil liberties conference) is giving a lecture tomorrow, "Remembering Love, Forgetting Everything Else: 'Now, Voyager' " (first of three in a series: "Public Feelings: Love, Compassion, and Indifference in the U.S.") and the movie, Now, Voyager (based on the novel by Olive Higgins Prouty, whom Pat informed me wrote romance novels and a soap opera and also graduated from Smith and provided Sylvia Plath's scholarship) was playing in Seelye shortly after the lecture. I can't make it to the lecture because it's at 4:30 (Wright Hall Auditorium) and i have class until 4:50. I also told Pat Skarda that i had loads of homework and she said "The homework'll always be there," and i ended up watching the movie with her and it was surprisingly good (though i'm troubled by the ending line: "Why ask for the moon when we have the stars?") and she commented at various times and of course it was all about the cigarettes and how Charlotte never finished her cigarette while Jerry always did, and what about the cuervos? Was quite a trip. We chatted for a while later and honestly we should do that more often. Dinner tonight was hysterical. I will be really glad when i am fully settled into the semester so have my work well paced and am able to really spend good time with so many of the quality people i have in my life here -- students and profs. So many people i wanna call or IM or visit during office hours or whathaveyou.

i teeter between tired
and really, really tired
i'm wiped and i'm wired
but i guess that's just as well
cuz i've built my own empire
out of car tires and chicken wire
and now i'm queen of my own compost heap
and i'm getting used to the smell

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