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Today was a good day.

Before running off to work today i got two IMs from people i haven't talked to much in a while.

Joe apologized for not having calling as he said he would. He's been really busy. I understand. I just get annoyed that i practically never hear from him. So supposedly he's going to call sometime this week.

I learned from Sharon that the Dar concert is indeed free. Yayness. Not sure if i'll be staying for any sort of extended visit, but i'm defintely going to the concert, where i will meet her sister, and perhaps her very cool friend Anna whom i would love to meet.

From our convo:

Sharon: I'm sure she'd like to meet you too. She was RAVING about one of your essays to me the other day.
me: *blushes fiercely*
Sharon: she was impressed.
that takes a LOT, so you should be very proud. ;-)

So i left for work feeling a bit giddy.

Work was busy, but most everyone was easy to handle.

I should be in bed because i'm going over to my grandma's at 10am, but oh well.

I am now a paid user. Gratuitous iconage will follow shortly.

I turn 19 two weeks from today.
Tags: ego boost, people: n: joe, planning ahead

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