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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I continue to have respect for Cate as an editor, and i continue to be frustrated with myself writing editorials. I am so not made for this. (*starts singing Counting Crows “High Life”*) "Your piece is still a bit abstract [...] Find a topic you like and write your opinion about it. Make sure you refer to real issues/events, whathaveyou. It's hard to read abstract, vague topics. Sure, it sounds intelligent, but it makes for a tough read." I already had a piece half-written on the unfortunate prevalence of conservative-bashing (Eric Ramusen at IU, Randy Cohen at Smith, Ann Coulter at Smith). Can i pull this off without being bitchy/preachy?

(Relatedly, i’m really excited about the potential of Smith student org Women for Freedom. In her description, Anna Rule says, “The goal of Women For Freedom is completely constructive: to gather students with all different political views together to actually get to know one another aside from the label of conservative or liberal. Only by talking and listening and understanding each other can we get past political stereotypes, diminish this unnecessary animosity and discrimination on campus and move closer to creating the “atmosphere of tolerance, civility and mutual respect” that is defined by the administration in our student handbook. ”)

Discussing with threehourslater about my last post i said there wasn't really an appropriate community to ask that question in so i was limited to the knowledge people of the 40 or so people who read my journal. She suggested
Start a new community. For, like, the unanswered questions of the universe. Or like..a research focus group. Every time you want to research something, you could ask everyone in the community what they think, or have them fill out a survey or something.
So, i present you: tendollarwords. Go, join, ask/answer questions about anything. Tell all your friends to go join to maximize the knowledge pool. (edit, because i should have mentioned it before: singingtoearth wants to know why you do or not use the word "queer" as an umbrella GLBT term)

In other news (because an actual Update of Doom will get finished around, oh, this time next year) athene&lordaerith, threehourslater&dearjessie, and lilithchilde&awinkingangel are all supercute even though i mostly only know the first partner in each pairing.
And then I dreamed that my soulmate
Was a motel clerk in Jersey
Who had not met me
So why am I in this
Hotel in Memphis
When I just want to kiss
Somebody tonight
-Catie Curtis, "Memphis"
I’ve been so femmey recently. Wearing the various pretty earrings which usually lounge in my drawer. Then tonight i decided to paint my nails. (How many years has it been since i’ve done that?) I wanted sea green but i only own 4 colors, none of which are sea green. I think of Spike every time i glance at my hands because the middle fingers are painted dark blue. The two around them are green and then the thumb and pinky are silver.

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