Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"She says 'Do I know you?' and I say 'Well no, not biblically.' "

Yes, it’s Mountain Day. A day (which usually follows Quad Riots) which the President of the college declares too beautiful to have classes. (And yes i said beautiful day; night classes still happen.) There’s something appropriate about having it after the torrential rains yesterday, but it feels too early even though i know it has to be before Fall Break which is in two and a half weeks. Every week i feel like i’m starting over again, so it doesn’t really feel like we’re deep into the semester even though i’m certainly bogged down with work. Plus the leaves really haven’t started changing color yet. I woke up to my alarm and wondered if i had dreamt hearing the bells and hearing people say it was Mountain Day because i’ve definitely been having realistic dreams about Smith recently. But no, it was for real. (Incidentally, 2EAT gets you the news much faster than the INFO line.) I knew i should have stayed up and done work, especially because i have been such a procrastinatory slacker these past few days, but yesterday i had to go to bed after my shower because i was falling asleep trying to do my work, so today i decided to just go back to sleep (plus, got sick Saturday night, and healthy doses of sleep are conducive to actual health).

For a variety of reasons including the fact that Otelia Cromwell Day (afternoon classes cancelled) later in the semester is always a Thursday, Mountain Day is usually a Wednesday. I usually have to work on Wednesdays, so Mountain Day has less charm for me. Also, takeaway lunches suck. Tomato and lettuce on bread? (Because i’m about half-vegan; i’ll eat stuff with eggs or dairy in them, but i rarely have them straight up like say cheese on sandwich.) So i had Smartfood white cheddar popcorn, potato chips, brownies, and hot chocolate. Yeah. Speaking of dining, i’m refraining from discussing the issue until i have authoritative firsthand information. I hear there’s a 2pm meeting today, but i have work so i won’t be able to attend.

The Lamont first years that i’m around are SO enthusiastic about like everything. They’re all hardcore about what they’re gonna leave out for their Big Sibs tonight, like it has to be something uber-special. And then they worry if it’ll be too strange and it sucks that you can’t just say “No, I’m your Sib, I think it’s cool, go for it.” Candlelight dinner tomorrow should be quite a trip. (Oh, and Rec Council movies have started again -- Tuesday/Thursday, 9pm, Wright Hall Auditorium. I definitely enjoy getting to see for free the movies i was too cheap to see in theaters. Matrix: Reloaded tomorrow, and Finding Nemo next Thursday. The rest of this season is stuff i’m not interested in, but those 2 should be good.)

Tangent: Lots of people are on friendster [how the hell is LiveJournal not mentioned in that Wired article, btw?] and Ria just sent me an invitation to join. It seems like just a big popularity thing to me, what with the testimonials, though there’s a bulletin board feature as well which reminded me of LiveJournal (and i said as much to Ria). With people like Marnie it works, because you get to say nice things about your friends and all, but LiveJournal has enough weird friend issues. The stalking potential, though... I looked at it with Ria one night and saw lots of people i either know or whom i recognized from LiveJournal. Sadly, i cannot stalk without registering. Decisions, decisions.

Another question: should i apply to teach a [10 hour, up to $400 stipend] J-term class? And if so, what would i do it on?

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