Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Sometimes we need to remember what makes us happy.

I’m sick and unmotivated to do work (as i have been for days) but i was listening to a Winamp playlist on random and thinking about how various songs cheer me up or make me feel like crying often contrary to the associations i have with them. [Winamp makes my computer cranky. *pouts*]

I have muchos mp3s from my two favorite musicals (Les Mis and Little Shop of Horrors, though i keep wanting the latter to sound like my high school’s production). Listening to my favorite “unofficial” musical i realized how i miss hearing their voices (the cast of Buffy, that is). Really must buy ASH’s album at some point. Angel starts up in less than a week -- whee!

Got a near-perfect bag from Ten Thousand Villages. It’s the kind of shoulder bag i’ve been wanting for ages and i like the colors as well. I realized later that my wallet (my first purchase from Faces Northampton) has been falling apart for a while and perhaps i should be on the lookout for a replacement for it for a while.

My polished nails make me happy even though sometimes i feel like a villain (not entirely sure why) or like a grade schooler with those brightly colored stick-on gem things. I’m not used to having colored nails, so i often feel like they’re not really a part of me when i see them.

Got an e-mail from my father which boils down to “Yes, we can transport you and your two first-years to and from Northampton over Fall Break.” Huzzah!

Hugs and their ilk make my life better. As do reassurances that i am loved and valued (and intelligent and talented).

Got an e-mail from my logic section teacher (Jake):

Your score on hw2, the digital dropbox part, was 9/++. Nice work. Here are some comments:

Wow! This is great work. This is pretty tricky stuff that most of the class is struggling with. You're a natural.

I can only think of one correction:
Your rebuttal of arrow 2 sounds more like an objection to a premise, namely D.

Other than that, flawless. Also, thanks for sending the file in txt. It makes things easier.
Dude, this is the easy stuff. Symbolic logic, that’s hard. But diagraming and then dismantling arguments? That’s words, that’s my (supposed) forte.

Bodywise meeting at 4:30 tomorrow (er, today -- Thursday, September 25) at Health Services (second floor conference room). I have class until 4:50. Connie said she would be there until at least 5:15 so i should just come on over. We are amused that i am in my third year here and have never ever been to Health Services.

Oh, must add calling Jaynie (Thursday evening childcare at Myrtle Street YWCA) to my list of things to do once my life calms down.

(More people are talking about Friendster.)

I really like Heather’s idea about doing a J-term class on gender. Proposals are due October 3 (one week from Friday). Any input is appreciated.

Must remember to fill out SAA evaluation. Get to talk at length about how bad the training was and get $5 on my OneCard for my trouble. :)

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