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Update(s)-of-Doom... coming soon to a LiveJournal near you

Yesterday Ria was surprised when i said i hadn’t been on LiveJournal as much this semester as i usually am and also said “And you write long entries, too.” I scrolled my journal page, the most recent 20 entries. This is about average for me. Ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Am sucking people over to the dark side onto LJ, which makes me happy. (Almost all of my important people are on LJ, huzzah!) Am also paring down the “friends” list (though i’m feeling less so inclined now that the insane week is over).

I have designated this semester my “certifiably insane” semester, and with so much going on in my brain/life, stuff i used to enjoy can feel like a chore. I’ve made many wonderful friends on LJ, and almost every LJer is going to sometimes post stuff which will make me glad i read that journal, but i want to consistently care. RL [“that which everyone seems committed to calling “real life” ” -- as Britta would say] friends are added because i’m friending the person (though even that has weird “How much do i care about this person?” stuff -- see why i refuse to do Friendster?), but everyone else i’m friending the journal, and there is a difference.

I never friends-lock any entries, so my having you on my “friends” list is merely the result of a combination of my weird factors about whose lives/information i want to keep up on. If you want to read my LJ, have it on your friends list (or don’t; i’ve definitely read journals for long periods of time without/before friending them) and if you don’t, don’t. Just because i’m not interested in reading yours doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to read mine. I wish LJ had a feature in which you could allow people to read filtered posts without having to put them on your friendslist (though at least there is the filter option, so you can have users on your friendslist and never actually read their entries).

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