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a requisite baseball post

This about summed up me and the recent games:

Game 3: I'm done commenting.
Game 4 (the only one of these three i actually watched): As one announcer said, "They got back to the business of baseball." Solid game. Wakefield and whoever that Yankees outfielder was were both awesome.
Game 5: We lost. *pouts*

Despite everything, i just wasn't feeling super-psyched about the whole series thing. (I'm not a sports person -- excepting gymnastics and figure skating, though i don't have the time to keep up anymore, but i don't think of them as sports in the usual sense anyway -- so it's rare that i get into this stuff, but Series/Bowl/etc. time sometimes does it.)

Marian just asked who won the game and i said "That's a good question." During dinner, someone said it was the 4th inning and the Yankees were winning and i groaned, but then i forgot about it. I pulled up the website and it said "Red Sox bash back in the Bronx" and i thought "Wait, did we win?" It continued: "Boston tagged the Yankees' bullpen for three runs in the seventh, rallying to take a one-run lead in a wild Game 6 at a windy Yankee Stadium." I had to read that a couple times to make sure i was interpreting that correctly. (Garciaparra got a triple? Took the man long enough.)

Okay, now i'm into it. Tomorrow's Game 7. This is it. Whoever wins goes to the Series. Now i'm tense and excited. Oh, i'm going to a play tomorrow night. Probably just as well. I'll come back for the thrilling conclusion or the results. I'm not sure i want to suffer through the nervewrackingness of an entire game. Damn, now i'm so tempted to cancel my ticket, though. (It's just a school play.) I can go next Friday. I mean, this decides whether we go to the World Series. Stupid sports.

A Cubs-BoSox series would be shibby. (And no, i'm not commenting on Cubs-Marlins Game 6.)

[8:20 edit: okay, so we only really won just now. I obviously wasn't reading properly. It was 7-6 when i checked, but we ended 9-6. There was less screaming than i was expecting. I guess 'cause the end wasn't actually tense.]
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