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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Public Service Announcement: Quick lj-cut tutorial

Some people have slow connections or just don't want to look at the 5 million pictures you took of your baby gerbil. Or maybe you don't want your bandwith to get used up by people compulsively refreshing their friendspage. Or maybe you're posting your entire senior thesis and don't want your uninterested friends to have to scroll past it. What to do? Well, LiveJournal has a nifty feature called a "cut-tag" which can be used to hide part or all of entry so that a reader wishing to view hidden sections must click on a link.

To create a cut-tag, type the following: <lj-cut>

This will display as a hyperlink saying "Read more..."

See?: You clicked, but no pictures for you, sorry. :)

If you want it to say something different, say for example "click here for my pictures," type: <lj-cut text="click here for my pictures">

Example: You clicked, but no pictures for you, sorry. :)

And if you want to say more after the pictures and don't want that text hidden, just type the following after the code for the pictures: </lj-cut>
Tags: lj: faq

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