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Must do econ problems now.

Talking about Fall Break on Wednesday Jane asked how it went with my brother driving. I had actually forgotten about that and didn’t include it in my weekend wrap-up. My brother got his permit the day he turned 16, August 1 of this year, and drove the 2+ hours (each way) from my town to Smith and back again and very rarely did i feel like i was being driven by someone who had only recently learned to drive. I was really impressed that she had remembered that my brother was gonna be driving me. It’s really sweet when people remember things like that.

That afternoon at work Margi (head of the Membership and Marketing Department at the museum) said i'm "one of the most organized people in the world" emphasis hers.

Earlier today i realized i had gotten 8 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. I also continue to realize just how much work i have to do.

I thought i was picking up HOT from Cate, but i remembered that akronohten uses it a lot, and in class today Kevin used it. (“Artifice imitating likelihood.” That’s hot. Yes, theory dorks are weird.)

And i keep seeing “effulgent” in lots of random places.

In Spanish class we signed up for meeting times with Estela -- we need un tema y un esquema de contenidos (a theme and an outline) for our 5-page midterm paper when we meet with her. She was explaining various ways we could approach a poem and she mentioned sonido and i totally wasn’t catching everything she was saying, but i caught pieces of what she was saying and i got in my head the idea that your thesis should be like the tuning fork for your paper and i really liked that.

I was telling the fair Jessica about how, depending on what seminars are offered next year, i might petition the department to let my Spanish 366 count as my seminar requirement. (The seminar requirement is new starting with the class of 2005 -- we who will be seniors next year -- so now that we are at that time in which one takes seminars, they need to start offering a lot more seminars.) She said Michael’s teaching one, which she had previously mentioned but which i had forgotten and the topic of which i never really knew. It was cute ‘cause she was saying that she knows i don’t really like 1... 2... 3? of the 3 authors. “This is aided by the fact that i dislike most of Western canon,” i pointed out. It’s Yeats, Eliot, and Pound. I liked Yeats, i just preferred Auden. Eliot... i didn’t like Four Quartets all that much, but i’m refusing to pass judgement until i’ve taken Michael’s Modern American Poetry class next semester and done The Wasteland because the only other Eliot i’ve read is Prufrock (which i liked) and one can’t judge Eliot without having read the Wasteland. I haven’t read any Pound. I adore Michael, so that (particularly his boycrush on Yeats) is reason enough to take the class. We shall see halfway through next semester’s class, though.

So, i decided the plays didn’t look that interesting after all, so i cancelled my ticket and watched Game 7. Good call.

Was a good game. Won’t be watching the Series as Yankees-Marlins interests me not.

I was watching in the living room (“Must See TV” made the good call to air reruns) with a lot of Red Sox fans and honestly, personal attacks on the Yankees have no appeal for me. Okay, so the jokes are funny (the jokes about the Red Sox are funny, too) but i have no time for “Jeter, you asshole.” I just don’t do personal attacks, in any context. Nice moment when Clemens left; we were hoping it would be his last game ever, but i expect he’ll pitch in the Series. Pedro Martinez is so pretty, and i still love Wakefield.

Early on Susan was talking about Clemens and Boggs and how the Yankees buy their talent so that’s why real baseball fans aren’t Yankees fans but rather Mets fans.

It's nice to see some people being rational about this [“this” being the postseason].

"If we lived every day with our emotions as raw as they get in sports, we'd be dead in a week," said John Jeremiah Sullivan, a sportswriter who works for GQ magazine.
-from a Chicago Tribune piece quoted here

And of course, i am a bad bad girl because i immediately thought of the burning tapdancing demon in OMWF after reading that quote. "So you’re like a good demon? Bringing the fun in?" "All these melodies, they go on too long. Then that energy starts to come on way too strong. All those hearts lay open— that must sting. Plus some customers just start combusting. That’s the penalty when life is but a song."
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