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sometimes one thinks something is in the air

because our brains make patterns out of things; we notice when similar things happen. people breaking up or having fights with significant others; people having family issues.

Family Weekend at Smith just ended, so there's been a lot of tension floating around.

I forget sometimes how unusual it is that i love my parents so much and get along with them and that we have mutual respect, that i am being independent but i will always have a place in their home, that they support me, that i don't feel embittered toward them, that i don't wish they had done their job differently (a few quibbles, sure, but nothing major), that i am proud to say i am so very much like both of them.

I whinge sometimes that i suck at doing work or that i seem to live in only-semi-voluntary social isolation, but i have it so incredibly good. I continue to be surprised by the praise and respect i elicit in peers and elders as well as surprising myself with what i accomplish. I have a network of so many amazing people.

I had a really good weekend and am actually getting a lot of work done this weekend. I know that many many of my people are happy. But i've still been feeling a little bit like this tonight, though not nearly as intense.

"everywhere you look, there's a face of somebody who needs you."

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