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superplin has a terrific analysis of what’s going on in last week’s episode.
TBQ says of the promos for tonight’s episode:
On a serious note, though, they do mean it about the graphic content. Normally I don't spoil like this but I've seen promo shots and the makeup department has definitely earned its salary. Might want to be careful if you've got a squeamish stomach.

Okay, for some reason i was looking up the phrase “are you now or have you ever been” last night. Skimming an episode summary i see this about the woman named Judy:

[[ Turns out, the guy who was after her wasn't her boyfriend at all - he was a detective, hired by her former employers, a bank in Salina, Kansas. ]]

“Salina” makes me do a double take and i pull up my movie quote file and sure enough:

“My name is Judy Barton. I come from Salina, Kansas. I work at Magnin’s, and I live here.”

I feel like this has to be on purpose, and various Googlings eventually proved that yes, Tim Minear did it on purpose. I feel validated.
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