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gratuitous vent session

Okay, so i checked Joe’s away message when i got online tonight and found he’d changed his profile and it had a link to a livejournal, which turned out to be a joint journal with him and his roommate Erica. Now, way back in April, i gave him a code for a livejournal. He posted 3 times in that. He got this one at 1:48am today (Tuesday) and there were already 3 posts -- though to be fair one was an intro and one was from Erica. So i was all prepared to write this bitchy entry about how i never hear from him anymore, and was gonna title it something like “I know Joe’ll call and this will be all better, but i wanna bitch now.” So then he IMs me, saying he was just gonna call me when he noticed the time (it was about quarter to twelve). I was pretty much done online, so i said i’d get off and he could call. We talked a little bit but then he had to go rescue a friend who was drunk at a bar twenty minutes away and in no condition to drive. He said he might be home this weekend, and if he was he would call me this weekend, and if he wasn’t, he’d call me next week.

It’s weird, it’s always a little awkward when we first start talking, like we don’t know where to start or whatever, but the whole 15 minutes we were talking it felt awkward. I don’t like that feeling. And then of course he had to go, which didn’t improve my mood. So i was kinda bitchy to him when we got off, which i regret. He said it was good to catch up, even though it was only 15 minutes, and i said, “5 minutes. Don’t flatter yourself. It was five minutes.” I realized later that it had actually been about 15 minutes, it just felt like less. It just pisses me off that he’s been so out of touch. I get the whole busy thing, and i’m one to talk given that i have yet to call any NHS friends in the 6 weeks i’ve been home. It’s just, i know he values me as a friend, but i feel unvalued. It’s not that hard to call or e-mail once in a while. And i know i’m being unfair, but that’s okay. I’m allowed.

He said he’d read my LJ a bit, trying to catch up on my life. I pity the poor boy. With my long-winded self-indulgence and gratuitous quoting i make it hard enough to keep up, never mind catch up. And i’m a bit touched that he bothered. I know he does care. And his summer class finishes soon (they’re only 4 weeks, and he decided to only take 1, though he’s staying up in NH all summer) and apparently he doesn’t have a job, so he should be much less busy so we’ll see if perhaps he’s a bit more in touch.
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