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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I heart my Big Gay Faculty. (Subject line unrelated to actual subject of entry.)

Bumper stickers and the Darwin fish have been discussed over on Volokh recently, so when i happened upon this i of course had to send it to him. (And for those not in the fandom-know, the guy in the icon who isn't a painting, is Joss Whedon, brains behind Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.)

Responding to one of my father's comments on the entry, dherblay writes, "On a different subject, do you mind if I ask how you found this? And, now that you've followed us home, can we keep you?"


Posting all this Cate stuff i keep expecting someone to bitch me out for publicly posting personal e-mails. Ever since i found myself thinking that i wished i could just sit down with her and go over the article in detail i have been wondering how this would have gone differently if my LJ were on her friendslist. I wonder if i'm bordering on passive-aggressive or if i'm just moments away from this all blowing up in my face because it's so easy to come across other people's LJs (especially if one reads the smithies friendspage). An obvious answer is to just friendslock the bloody stuff. Proof of how much that isn't on my radar screen i actually had to have someone suggest that to me. I've private-posted twice, but when i'm LJing, friendslock almost never comes into the options list though i have lots of friends who commonly lock entries.

I don't feel like going through all the reasons i don't lock, and no one else really cares, but one of my immediate responses is that then my parents can't read it. (Though of course i can e-mail them.) I forget sometimes how jarring it is to some people's ways of thinking that my parents read this.

I luff the fact that if i were to give my dad a code he would totally be friended by bunches of my peoples (though oviously in a reading and not in a special-filter sense).

In my scant free time i have been reading lots of stuff and wishing i had the time to write about it. Sadness.

I think i may get to do my Sophian piece mostly on what i had wanted to do originally. Though i'm still not entirely sure how to interpret the end of Cate's e-mail, so we shall see what happens after i turn in the article tomorrow.

Britain study on genetics and gayness. UCLA study on genetics and gender identity. Next week (when the column will run) is Trans Awareness Week on campus. [P.S. We're selling copies of the "girls will be boys will be girls will be..." coloring book. Any non-Smithie want a copy?] I'm excited.

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