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and now, a fluff piece

My dad sent me this in an e-mail titled "I KNEW there was something about bunnies":
"Cleft mouths are by far the most frequent deformity. According to the folklore of many countries, the "harelip" is a result of a pregnant mother being frightened by a rabbit. One variation on this is that a mother only has to step over a rabbit's nest to produce a deformed child, a catastrophe she can undo by ripping her petticoat in a certain way. This was so widespread a belief in Europe that an old Norwegian law actually forbade butchers from hanging up rabbits in public view. It's hard to say why rabbits were chosen as the spell-carriers. True, a rabbit's upper lip is cleft, but so is a cat's--many animals share the trait. Along with cats, rabbits were thought to be witches' alter egos, a supposedly harmless animal form they took when they wanted to get up to mischief. Throughout the ages, and in many cultures, rabbits have been associated with the moon. One African myth tells how the angry moon split the rabbit's lip. ..."
-from Diane Ackerman's A Natural History of Love (Random House, 1994), pp. 298-9

So Anya's in good historical company with her bunny fear.

And while we're obsessing about Buffy, last night i talked briefly with Sharon who has been watching the S2 DVDs. She informed me that although Marti Noxon wrote "What's My Line" Parts 1&2, all the good lines ("That was me favorite shirt. That was me only shirt." "Two slayers, no waiting." Mr. Pointy) are Joss add-ins. Aw, Kendra. She's my dad's "favorite other slayer."
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